Monday, June 11, 2007


I made my first sale on Etsy this weekend, after complaining on Friday how no one has bought from me. I actually sold to two different people, which makes me feel like an important business lady, *sits up straight in chair*.

This weekend Rob and I packed up the car and spent a wonderful weekend in PA. It was the Milford music festival this weekend and we spent some time outside in the late spring air taking in the sounds of a small town gathering. As city folk we are in awe of events like these, where it seems the entire town gathers together. There were live bands, great food and art at night. I'm seriously reconsidering this urban lifestyle I'm so accustom to. I carded some mill ends from sheep shed, and wound up with a lovely peach. I spun on the drop spindle for the first time in a long time and attempted some resin charms for a swap partner. I think I'm going to have to try again since they came out so cloudy, not sure what I did wrong but hey if at first you don't succeed....

I swung by the LYS in Milford and picked up two skeins of sock yarn from Plymouth. I'm not sure if I'll actually knit socks or try to incorporate it into one of the lace patterns from VK Summer. It may not works since it's a variegated yarn.

We swung by Cold Spring Sunday to check out Rob's niece's recital. Again we experienced small town charm. After a filling day we drove home to catch the last episode of the sopranos and even though everyone hates it in the office, I couldn't think of a better way. It really showed that no matter what Tony does he's going to be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life. A fittingly bleak ending to a bleak show.

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