Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy Friday

Yesterday was the funeral, I went and things turned out surprisingly well. I got to see some friends who I had not seen in almost 10 years, and strangely enough it felt like I had never stopped talking with them. I didn't get in until very late, which was not good because I had stayed out late on Wednesday as well. Wednesday was pretty gross, I had a corporate event and somehow wound up partying with the traders, and their high speed lifestyle. So today I'm dragging my feet and eating greasy food, which is not great for my diet. I seem to have abandoned this one but I'm fighting to give it a chance. This week my weight is 135.6 which means I lost 0.8lbs since last week (woo-hoo) I probably won't loose any weight this week but I know that I can loose it if I try.

I just signed up for the IPY swap at craftster. I'm a bit nervous since this is a big deal. This is the swap that people create insane things like quilts and clothing for eachother. I hope I'm up to it. In other crafty news I bought a drum carder this week (another woo-hoo) from Spunky, she had the best prices I've ever seen and I'm itching to play with it. To paraphrase Veruca Salt "I want it NOW NOW NOW!"

Here's to sleeping in on Saturday have a happy weekend!!

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