Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Rob and his momma did the laundry yesterday. Clean clothes were waiting for me when I met up with them. I do love having a BF who can and does clean and the laundry. I tried to get Dessie-pup a haircut yesterday. She looks adorable as a fuzzy muffing but unfortunately she gets hot and cranky during the summer when her hair is too long.

Rob had an episode on Monday night. I went for drinks after work and didn't get home until about 8:00PM. He picked me up at the PATH station but I could tell something was up. He was slow and slurry. He's supposed to be in recovery but he didn't seem sober. After much prodding he confessed he had taken a klonopin, not seeing the big deal in this because he has a prescription for it, however it didn't mix well with the scrip he's currently taking and he was a mess. The dog got sick and barfed all over the car because in his haze he had fed her sweetened flavored yogurt instead of the plain greek yogurt I had bought to mix into her food. The car now smells like doggy/dairy barf and I refuse to sit in the front seat until it clears up.

On the crafting side I finished my jumbo skein for the H&H3 swap and it's so squishy. I won't post pics until after the swap so as not to ruin the surprise. It's currently setting in the bathroom with a 1lb weight to prevent the curling (yes it's slightly unbalanced so shoot me!) I received some wonderful new fibers from Meilkes Farm. Organic cotton and soy silk, I'm so excited to try to spin these, although cotton seems like it might be a bitch to spin up.

My partner for the Magic Roving swap is 15, how cute is that!!! I'm trying to put myself in that frame of mind while I craft, but I was 15 over 10 years ago so I may have forgotten. Not to mention that she seems nice and normal while at 15 I was maladjusted to life in general.

I found an online Alanon meeting and I think I will try to participate once a week. I know it's probably not as good as the real thing, but if its the best I can do, it's better then nothing at all.

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