Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I finished the clapotis on Monday night.
Here is is blocking


I made a few modifications to the pattern,
2 less increase repeats 2 more straight repeats I used superwash handspun (that I spun myself!!!)Instead of the stitchmarkers I used the method suggested by craftsters in the knitalong to purl the drop stitch.
Here's the finished project



It was a real bitch to finish this because I kept running out of yarn and then I had to put down the knitting and draft out the fiber and spin more yarn and navajo ply the singles to match and block the yarn before I could keep knitting. I ran out TWICE so this process was repeated, which made the project last much longer then it could have if I had the correct amount of yarn to begin with.

I really want to show this off, but it's about 95 degrees in NYC today and not a break in the heat in sight. Oh well, I guess I'll put it in storage until the cold weather comes around. I was going to give it to Rob's mom but its not really her style and I gave her so much for her birthday (this is a blatant attempt to defend me being selfish) I will keep it for myself and if she wants one I'll make it with commercial yarn.

I just found out last night that a childhood friend's father passed away. I am very conflicted because this person did some really horrible things to my family (me in particular) but I never told my friend. I want to support him and show up to the funeral but I don't know how his family will react. I guess I'll just suck it up and go knowing that I'm there for my friend and not his father.

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