Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Project Monogamy

I can't do it. I start a project with the best intentions. Loving the pattern or the yarn, then out of no where a new project enters the room. It buys me a drink and whispers dreamy nothings in my ear tantalizing me with new stitch patterns or even better a new craft entirely. At this point I have four projects on needles. A half spun skein of yarn and two cut patterns waiting for their fabric. I go to the craft store and see things I don't need and probably won't use, but the idea that I could use them is enough for me to purchase and regret later. My living room had become overtaken with craft odds and ends and really I don't know how Rob can stand it anymore. Part of me wishes that Dessie-pup was a chewer so then I would have an excuse to throw things away.

Rob told me on Sunday that his mothers birthday was coming up.
"How soon?"
That left me with less then a week to pull together a present for a woman who will more likely then not wind up as my MIL. Thing's have been rough the past month or so with Rob and I and his parents have gotten involved. It's a long story but it boils down simple enough. His parents have been rather lovely to me lately and I really wanted to thank them for their kind effort and words.

Thinking of her birthday in a panic I reached into my stash and pulled up the two skeins of "Portofino Corridor" I had spun up after the Italy trip.
I named it such because it reminded me of this photo Rob took in Portofino
I hope I'll have enough. I'm already finished with the first skein. It's lovely hand painted superwash I got from Sheepshedstudio.com , and I have more roving so if necessary I can spin up some more.

I also ordered a lovely teapot from Redcrowarts on etsy and will crochet up a cozy for it. I'm thinking of buying some special tea blends and either stamping or embroidering some tea towels to complete the set. Seeing how it's already Tuesday I better get cracking.

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inkberryblue said...

Love the photo, the yarn and your clever title! =] Nice blog too...when I have some more time I'll have a really good through.