Thursday, February 19, 2009

In which I remind people that we are no longer in high school

Read the title of this post. Absorb the fact that high school was more then a decade ago for me and live with it. (I apologize if you are currently in high school but you should probably know that typical high school behavior doesn't end with high school *le sigh.*)

I'm not really understanding the twitter phenomenon and even more so not understanding the need to broadcast the minute details of your life to people. I mean come on that's what we have facebook for. I'm just getting the hang of facebook why take it away and make it as obsolete as myspace? Twitter is just a no go in my book.

My birthday was Tuesday. I must be getting old because this was the first year that I didn't feel super-de-dooper special on my b-day. Usually I wake up and run around town like the queen of the world demanding things and adoration because it's my birthday. This year I woke up, went to work, went to dance class and ordered in takeout with the boy I'm seeing. We ordered ribs, mac and cheese and corn (I guess I celebrated by eating food that I know probably took a year off my life expectancy!)

I'm trying to adjust to a new schedule (work, school, dance, friends, lovers *tee-hee*) and trying to find me time in all of it. I started this new schedule by going home last night and doing laundry (which is AMAZING!) I will drive 3 hours to Connecticut with a trunk full of dirty clothes. I know if I get all the way up there and bat my eyes at my daddy he will clean my clothes, fold my clothes and give me 20 dollars for being his "favorite" *read most functional* daughter. But last night I did it all by myself. In fact I was so inspired that I dug out my Kauni Cardi (abandoned winter 08) and started finishing the sleeve I'd been working on for over a year.

I realize that I'm stuck in this knitting/crafting rut because I have all these projects that are almost 3/4 of the way done but not close to finished enough to be at that finishing line stage. The finishing line stage is when you are so close to finished that you can't put your project down until you cast off and throw that sucker in the bath for a good blocking. All my projects are close enough to not unravel but far enough to be time consuming before the finishing line phase.

I'm still working on photos I promise!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Wore a Tube of Bulky Yarn to Work

Okay so I finished the Shopping Tunic in record time. Cast on last Monday finished last Saturday afternoon, I didn't knit on it at all Thursday and Friday. I blocked it and wore in to work on Monday with black slacks and a black long sleeved tee-shirt. Half way through the day I went to use the little ladies room (I hate the term little girls room, I'm not a girl I'm an lady and don't you forget it!) and saw my reflection in the wall length mirrors they have in the sitting room. OH MY GOD WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!!??? I looked like a rust colored inch worm, it was freaking gross, the purl side was bulky looking and the garter stitch edging on the bottom was curling in giving me even more of a pooch area then I already have! I quickly jumped into a stall and turned that sucker inside out, now the knit stitches were facing out and I went and looked in mirror much better. Yes, it's a bulky sweater and bulky sweaters add bulk (duh!) but the knit stitches create a vertical line, where the purl stitches create horizontal ones. If we go back to fashion 101 we remember that vertical lines create length and the illusion of slim lines, where vertical lines make you look stumpy and fat. So lesson learned, and I can still wear my sweater.

Oh and I went with the gray costume on Sunday to rave reviews!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Weekend Warrior

Okay so I have planned my weekend out! It's so rare that I ever plan anything, I'm such a "fly by the seat of my pants" type person, but it's nice to have a plan and try to stick to it.

Tonight Molliemoo and her puppy Ruby June are going to come out to Jersey City for a sleepover. First we will go to the Super Pet Expo in Edison. I went to this last year and really if you have a pet and some spare time go check it out. Nothing like people who dress their dogs like children all smooshed together in a convention center. While you're there make sure you check out Elwood the "worlds ugliest dog." I think he's a bit of a cutie but I'm strange.

I would also really really recommend that you check out Nature Valley's frozen raw food diet. I switched Dessie Pup a few years ago and her health has been so awesome since. No more bumps in her skin, and crud in her eyes, another bonus is her *ehm* waste is smaller, harder and less stinky, it makes walking her that much better.

Saturday I'm going to check out a friend's show at this great little Mediterranean place in Astoria Queens called Mezzo Mezzo. Live music, dancing, good food, no cover, how could I possibly say no? I will also be working on a costume for Ariel (a dancer friend from DC.) She has been asked to play Mata Hari in a show at the end of March and in addition to all the knitting I've neglected I'm neglecting a costume for her too. As soon as I find the camera you all will be totally overloaded with photos!

If I have some time (and I really should make it) I will have to fix a costume of my own, I have a performance on Sunday night and I'm really not sure what I should wear. These are my options (you can vote in the comments section)

Red Costume

Purple Costume

Brand new costume that I don't even have pics of me in yet, (this one will need the most work)
Ideas, and input are much appreciated. If you wanna see me dance 8PM at the Grisly Pear. Live music, three dancers and cheap drinks

On the crafting side I'm 1/2 way through the Shopping Tunic I started Monday night, but I don't know if I have enough yarn. I've already forgone the pockets, bulky pockets in poochy places just didn't sound good to me, but I don't know how else to cut the yarn needed, maybe I'll shorten the cowl neck. I am also not sure if this sweater will even look good on me. It really isn't taking so much time to knit so a trip to the frog pond won't be such a let down, but I dunno. I know I'm tiny but I'm curvy tiny. Like Sir Mixalot says " 36-24-36...only if she's 5'3" well I'm not those measurement exactly but close enough to fear looking like a sausage in a bulky tight tube...I guess I'll have to wait and see!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Year

Okay like a month late but here I am.
Things have been quite insane on my side of the fence. I will not go into detail but...
Break up
Make up
Watching a friend loose his life to an illness he didn't know he had till it was too late, he's still fighting but its a rigged match at this point :(
The stock market
The bond market
Started school again (slowly but surely I will have my MBA!!)
Cold weather
Snow weather
Ice weather
Do you need me to go on??

I'm back on the needles and still spinning cashmere. I finished an entire sock (not a pair just the one) and a few other projects. I need to schedule a photo shoot but life has been life and sometimes life has no time to be captured on film.

Oh and the bastards who inspected and tuned up my car stole my f*cking GPS unit. It wasn't even a month old. I sent my dad over there to "talk some sense into them" (that's Italian for threaten) and he did so hopefully I will have a GPS by tomorrow.

I'm going to try to make the SnB in Jersey City at the Starbucks tonight. I haven't gone in like over a year almost and I need some nice knitting time. I also should probably try to do laundry tonight, unless I plan on knitting some clean underwear like tonight. It wouldn't be such a bad idea but knitted underwear just sounds like itchy cooter and unhappy bum.

I miss you all and hopefully I'm back for good!!

OH OH OH and look a photo! Its me this summer in front of the Partridge Family bus. It's the real bus and I don't know how I found it. I was just driving to Howe Caverns to have a stupid, tourist, fun time and saw it by the side of the road.

I climbed on it and tried to break in but the people I was with really didn't want to go to jail for trespassing and grand theft auto (how bad ass would it be if some rough a tumble lady asked what I was in for and I said "stealing the Partridge Family bus!!)