Friday, February 6, 2009

Weekend Warrior

Okay so I have planned my weekend out! It's so rare that I ever plan anything, I'm such a "fly by the seat of my pants" type person, but it's nice to have a plan and try to stick to it.

Tonight Molliemoo and her puppy Ruby June are going to come out to Jersey City for a sleepover. First we will go to the Super Pet Expo in Edison. I went to this last year and really if you have a pet and some spare time go check it out. Nothing like people who dress their dogs like children all smooshed together in a convention center. While you're there make sure you check out Elwood the "worlds ugliest dog." I think he's a bit of a cutie but I'm strange.

I would also really really recommend that you check out Nature Valley's frozen raw food diet. I switched Dessie Pup a few years ago and her health has been so awesome since. No more bumps in her skin, and crud in her eyes, another bonus is her *ehm* waste is smaller, harder and less stinky, it makes walking her that much better.

Saturday I'm going to check out a friend's show at this great little Mediterranean place in Astoria Queens called Mezzo Mezzo. Live music, dancing, good food, no cover, how could I possibly say no? I will also be working on a costume for Ariel (a dancer friend from DC.) She has been asked to play Mata Hari in a show at the end of March and in addition to all the knitting I've neglected I'm neglecting a costume for her too. As soon as I find the camera you all will be totally overloaded with photos!

If I have some time (and I really should make it) I will have to fix a costume of my own, I have a performance on Sunday night and I'm really not sure what I should wear. These are my options (you can vote in the comments section)

Red Costume

Purple Costume

Brand new costume that I don't even have pics of me in yet, (this one will need the most work)
Ideas, and input are much appreciated. If you wanna see me dance 8PM at the Grisly Pear. Live music, three dancers and cheap drinks

On the crafting side I'm 1/2 way through the Shopping Tunic I started Monday night, but I don't know if I have enough yarn. I've already forgone the pockets, bulky pockets in poochy places just didn't sound good to me, but I don't know how else to cut the yarn needed, maybe I'll shorten the cowl neck. I am also not sure if this sweater will even look good on me. It really isn't taking so much time to knit so a trip to the frog pond won't be such a let down, but I dunno. I know I'm tiny but I'm curvy tiny. Like Sir Mixalot says " 36-24-36...only if she's 5'3" well I'm not those measurement exactly but close enough to fear looking like a sausage in a bulky tight tube...I guess I'll have to wait and see!

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