Thursday, September 27, 2007

FO! With bonus pattern

Here are my fractal stripe socks I was posting about before. I used Spunky Eclectic's Fiber of the Month "Tulips" which was 4oz of BFL. To spin I split the roving into two equal strips lengthwise. I then weighed them out to make sure I had close to the same amount in each batch. Then I took one half and split it into thinner strips, breaking away lengthwise and predrafted a bit. I then spun it up into a very variegated yarn
I then took the other half and predrafted, trying my best to maintain the color runs. I would up with a less variegated yarn
Then I took the two bobbins of yarn and plied them together so this
became this
the resulting yarn fell somewhere between worsted and Dk weight.

I wanted to knit something to show off the fractal stripes I had created, but the idea of a scarf just wasn't appetizing, plus I only had about 230 yards so it would either be a real skinny or real short scarf. So I'm thinking about what I wanted to knit and I was reading the yarn harlot book "Knitting Rules" and she has this great sock recipe. I have only knit one pair of socks before and like a fool my first pair was baudelaires which are very intricate and I knit them with twisted stitches and I couldn't even shove my chubby calf muscle in the opening when it was finished. But I said to myself that was years ago, you are a more experienced knitter and you should try socks again. So being the fool I am I decided to not only knit socks, but design them as well. I scoured the interwebs for patters and borrowed heavily but the end result was this!
And now for the pattern

Fractal Stripe Socks
Makes on pair socks (will fit up to a size 8 foot)
Heavy sport/light DK weight wool yarn approx 250 yards
US 4 DPNs or size needed to obtain gauge

21 st over 29 rows = 4" x 4" in st st

Cast on 48 stitches and divide between 3 needles work in the round making sure not to twist when joining the ends.
Work in knit 2, purl 2 rib stitch for 5" (or desired length) ending the round on the last needle.
K14 then (P2 K2) x 3, P2 K16
Slip last 14 stitches of last round onto needle and knit 12 stitches of new round on needle for heel (needle should have 26 stitches with 22 stitches left for instep)

With wrong side facing and working heel stitches only, work the following
Row 1 - (p2tog p2) six times, p2tog - 19 stitches
Row 2 - K1 *slip 1, k1 repeat from * across
Row 3 - K1, pearl across to last stitch, k1
Repeat rows 2 & 3 until heel measures 1 1/2 inches end on row 3
K5, Make 1, K5, Make 1, K5, Make 1, K4 - 22 stitches

Slip 1, P12, P2tog, P1, turn
Slip 1, k5, slip 1, k1, psso, k1, turn
Slip 1, p6, p2tog, p1, turn
Slip 1, k7, slip 1, k1, psso, k1, turn
Slip 1, p8, p2tog, p1, turn
slip 1, k9, slip 1, k1, psso, k1, turn
Keep knitting in this pattern (increasing 1 stitch more before every decrease stitch) until 14 stitches remain. End on a right side row.

With the same needle, pick up and k9 stitches across side of heel with second needle work 22 stitches for instep in k2 p2 ribbing, with last needle pick up and k9 stitches and first 7 stitches of heel (54 stitches total)
Divide stitches needle 1 16 st, needle 2 22 st, needle 3 16 st
Working in k2 p2 rib for instep and st st for all other stitches knit as follows
Round 1 - Knit to last 3 stitches on needle 1, slip 1, knit 1, psso, k1, knit across needle 2, on needle 3 k1, k2tog, knit to end of row
Round 2 - work even
Repeat round 1 & 2 until 44 stitches remain split into the following, needle 1 - 11 stitches, needle 2 - 22 stitches, needle 3 - 11 stitches

Work even in st st all the way through the round (no more rib stitch for instep) until foot measures 1 inch less then desired

Round 1 - K to last 3 stitches on needle 1 K2tog, k1, K1 slip 1, k1 psso, knit to last 3 stitches on needle 2, k2tog, k1, k1, slip 1, k1 psso, knit to end of needle 3 (40 stitches)
Round 2- Work even
Round 3 - Work even
Round 4 - Repeat round 1 (36 stitches)
Round 5 - work even
Round 6 - Work even
Round 7 -Repeat round 1 (32 stitches)
Round 8 - Work even
Round 9 - Repeat round 1 (28 stitches)
Round 10 - Repeat round 1 (24 stitches)
Round 11 - Repeat round 1 (20 stitches)
Kit 5 stitches from needle 1 and place stitches from needle 1 & 3 onto one needle (10 stitches on each of 2 needles) cut yarn leaving a 16 inch tail for grafting

Grafting toe
With instep facing you thread yarn tail onto darning needle and proceed as follows
Pass yarn through 1st stitch on needle 1 as if knitting and slip stitch off
Pass yarn through 2nd stitch on needle 1 as if to purl, but leave stitch on needle
Pass yarn through 1st stitch on needle 2 as if purling and slip stitch off
Pass yarn through 2nd stitch on needle 2 as if to knit, but leave stitch on needle
Repeat these last 4 steps until all stitches have been grafted.

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