Thursday, September 13, 2007


Well I hate to procrastinate, but I actually finished my Coachella two weeks ago. Here's the FO with my mods listed below
I only used about 3 balls of yarn. The 4th is sitting in my stash waiting for something to do.
I knit a size down, I opted for the smallest size because so many knitters on ravelry and craftster were complaining the size was off.
I did the short row shaping for C cup ta-ta's, because I have c cup ta-ta's and I was worried the my decision to knit down a size was in error.
I added two additional hip increases
and I shortened the final length, because I'm short.

It was a good knit, quick and painless, great for tv knitting. The yarn is not my fave and tends to stretch out like a cotton yarn would during the wearing process. When I first tried on the top it was way small but by the end of the night it had loosened up significantly.

I don't get the awesome drape that some other knitters have gotten, but I think this is because I opted to downsize a bit.

I happy with this top and I've worn it twice. Too bad the summers over already, I guess I will have to wait until next season to enjoy it to its full potential.

As the circle of life continues in it's perpetual spiral as on knit falls off the needles a new one is cast on in place
That's my Kauni Cardigan. Its my first stranded knit EVER!! I think its a great entry into fair isle. The kauni yarn is beautiful, but scratchy and sticky as hell, I'm knitting on metal as opposed to wood like most stranded knitters because I can't deal with the stickiness. There are also bits a pieces of vm stuck in this yarn, like it was dragged through the woods before skeining.

On to spinning, I was working the black Alpaca I swapped with glittergirl on craftster for, I volunteered to clean and card and spin a bit for her with the understanding that I could keep the other half of the fleece, when my footman to treadle connector broke! I looked it up online and I realized that I didn't even have the correct part. The person who sold me my louet on ebay had replaced the plastic tube with what appeared to be cable cord. On closer inspection I see that this has caused my treadle to start splintering. I'm totally freaking out because as much as I love my spindles I will die without my wheel. I was told to contact louet for a replacement, so we'll see how it goes. In my desperation I ordered a replacement connector, and a yarn winder as well (what did you expect me to pay for the shipping and NOT get my monies worth?) I swear my logic makes sense to me. So until then its spindling and knitting, I'm already in withdrawal.


Ilix said...

Wow! that sucks about your wheel!!! Yikes! I was planning on just saying lovely things about your knitting.... but I have to give you my sympathy!
Great knitting too!!! Loke to see how that fair isle will turn out.

stickyfingers said...

thanks for the sympathy. The replacement part came yesterday so I'll see if I really do need another treadle. Thanks for the comment!