Monday, June 30, 2008

Dragging my Ass

Well, the title of the post should say it all. It's been a crazy time at Casa de Stickyfingers and I could really use a few days of R&R. Sadly all my time off has been taken while I was sick and undergoing treatments (yes I was stupid and didn't apply for sick leave.) So no vacations for me this year.

I find my life is in a very different place then it was a year ago. Breaking up with Rob may have been very difficult, but I find myself enjoying who I am and what I'm doing more so as a single girl then as someone in a long term relationship. I forgot how nice a quiet house can be and no one fights me for the remote or argues about what we are doing for the weekend. When I was a "couple" Rob and I would take almost every weekend away from the city, driving up to his house in PA (god I miss that cabin on the lake) or my parents weekend place in CT. It was fun to get out of the city, but I forgot how many insane things happen in the city in the summer. I accidentally stumbled into the LGBT parade (or the pride parade as most people know it) as it worked it's way downtown. Even in the pouring rain it was so nice to see people out enjoying life and being proud of who they were. Though I'm not part of the community myself I felt a strong connection to these people just because I feel like loving yourself and loving what you do makes you a more complete individual.

This was an extended weekend for me, not that I had any extra days off, but I went out Thursday night with some girl friends and then Friday night and then Saturday night. I need a week away from booze and bars to restore my chi or at least escape the beer bloat. In all this insanity I realized how much fun it can be to just be young and not worry or stress or plan. It's like social soul searching and I'm learning so much about who I am.

Anyway onto crafting. I'm almost done with the lotus blossom tank. I'm nervous about how it going to come out because I see such wildly different looks when I browse the pattern on ravelry and the anticipation has been so much of the project that I haven't even tried on the tank as I knit it. Everyone cross your fingers and hope for a good FO!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Okay so here's the deal. My apartment is SUPPOSED to have central AC, notice I capitalized "supposed" because honestly that shit has not been working since the temps climbed above 80 degrees. I don't consider myself a picky person but damn if I don't need some cool air every once and awhile. I don't mind sleeping without AC, in fact when I do sleep with AC, I wake up groggy with an itchy throat, but my poor, poor puppy has to sit in an un-airconditioned apartment sweating under her fur coat, and that's just wrong. I've been leaving water for her in different locations, and I open the terrace door so she can go outside when she wants but I feel awful for her.

I contacted management several times and was told it was a building issue, not a unit issue, well I ran into the building manager yesterday and asked when the AC would be back on. He looked at me like I grew an extra head and said it should be working. Well it SHOULD be but it's not, so what am I supposed to do. I had to contact my landlord last night and ask him to replace the unit. He asked me why I took so long to contact him about it and I told him I was told by management that it was a building wide problem. He laughed at me, yes he LAUGHED at me, and told me moving forward to contact him immediately. I don't know if that's gonna do me any good because the closets that are off track (which were like that when I moved in back in October) are still off track even though I told him about it back in October. Ahhhh, I think I need to just buy a farm somewhere and escape this urban nonsense.

Well since it's been so friggin hot, I haven't been spinning all that much. I currently have some hemp on the bobbins for that Brighton Bag from Knittyspin Spring 2008, (yes I know the pattern calls for flax but hemp is a bit easier to spin.) The problem with spinning hemp is that you need to wet spin it, which I do by dipping my finger tips in a bowl of water, which causes pruney finger tips and softened skin which then starts to flake if you spin too long. So I've been spinning the hemp for almost a month now because I like my finger tips with skin on them, thank you very much!

But The Knit Girls are running a fundraiser, and though I don't like a lot of the infighting that group engages in, I think they're mostly a cool bunch of chicks, so I broke out the wheel and some fiber and spun up a super funky crazy "bad girl" skein which I call "Sid & Nancy"
I'm thinking of spinning an entire line of "doomed lovers" because I have such a high opinion of love right now :P
It's a 90/10 wool mohair blend, spun into two singles of mixed pink batt and black and white roving, then I plied the two together adding bits of crazy funky novelty yarn where I saw fit.
There are a few coils in there too but I didn't get any pics.
If you donate to the knit girl fundraiser you too can be in the running to win this awesome yarn.

Oh Saturday was the Mermaid Parade, which is "Let Your Freak Flag Fly" day out on Coney Island. It was crazy and fun and super hot, I got a tan to end all tans, and had my pic taken by a bunch of strangers (no touching though, people kept asking to touch and I would give them the death stare.)
I had a friend with me who's a photographer so I'm waiting on his pics but here's a preview of the insanity.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Votes are In

And it's a three way tie.. AAAAAAHHHHH now I have to be decisive and figure out what to cast on by myself. What I should do is finish my Lotus Blossom Tank (ravelry link) but all those tiny stockinette stitches in the round make my head all hurty. I'll try to finish by Monday so I can cast on something new.

Ahh the allure of the new project, it's almost too much to bear. The funny thing is I get all excited, I get my yarn and find my needles (sometimes I'll even swatch) and then I cast on, and I swear about halfway through the cast on project I get bored and wonder why I cast on in the first place. I have such crafting ADD it's not even funny. I have these illusions of casting on and holding a perfect FO an hour later, like some sort of super knitter, and when I realize it may take days or even *gasp* weeks to get my FO I feel dejected and frustrated.

Enough of my neurosis I have an FO to share.
Pattern: Ribbed Lace Bolero
Yarn: Schachenmayr nomotta Aurora (don't look for this yarn in stores I found it in the dollar bin at Big Lots and I don't think they make it anymore)
Notes: This was a nice knit, simple and easily modified. The pattern isn't really a pattern but a guideline for you to follow based on your own personal measurements. I may make another using a different lace stitch but this came out well. I would encourage you to make a size just a wee bit smaller then instructed because a lot of FO's on ravelry seem to be comming out huge. I think I knitted this 2 inches smaller then the pattern instructed and I'm quite happy with the finished product. I also think this shrug makes my boobs look big, which was reinforced by the guy staring at my chest the entire train ride to work this morning. The yarn was garbage, it's a weird thick flat yarn, think linguini not spaghetti, and it's a 50/50 blend of cotton and acrylic. the result is a little scratchy and rough, but the entire shrug cost $3.50 and I was able to reduce the stash monster (even just a little bit counts) so who am I to complain.
My hair looks big today
Oh look at my sleepy face. See boobies gallore!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

As days go by

Oh my word, I love those few weeks before the official start of summer don't you. The sun shines well into the night and the green on the plants is vibrant and alive. The heat isn't unbearable (well it was a few weeks ago but still) and the city has yet to develop it's eau de summer stench that haunts my nostrils when I think about it.

I've been slowly getting back into crafting. I'm almost finished with my mermaid costume for the mermaid parade on Saturday. If you're in NYC you really should come out, it's supposed to be like Mardi Gras in Brooklyn :) I'll post tons of pics if you can't make it so you can pretend you were there.

I also posted a new roving to the etsy shop I call it Lagoon in June (it's a little Dr Seuss sounding but I like it) and it's superwash wool

I also cleaned out my refrigerator (not that there was much to clean since, Rob moved out I don't really do much food shopping) and found all this almost rotted fruit. It wasn't bad fruit, just ugly. So I took the blueberries and peaches and a cup of sugar and a lemon rind
and simmered them for hours with a touch of amaretto and wow I made an awesome compote/fruit preserve.
Here it is on some sugar free pudding

I've been working on the bolero, I cast off this morning and will sew it up tonight a totally gratifying knit if you ask me. Now I'm pondering my next summer cast on. I have one project waiting for me but its miles of stockinette and god that bores me so much. I'm trying to decide between a few projects: (all ravelry links below)
Mirabella Cardigan
Two Toned Ribbed Shrug

Friday, June 13, 2008


I had a moment this week that put my knitting into perspective. I knit things mindlessly sometimes, not knowing if I'll wear/use them but knitting them for the sake of knitting or because I think they will look pretty. I'm of the mindset that if I don't like an FO I can give it away or gift it to someone who will look better in it then I will.

There are certain items I have knit and kept but really had no idea when or where I would use them. This week I experienced such a smack to the forehead moment that my knitting life is changed for the better. It was stupid hot in the city this week. Gross hot, yucky hot, draw a cold bath and eat and ice pop at the same time hot, and my office has a "no bare shoulders" policy. What's a sweaty girl to do? I could, like some of my co-workers, buck the policy and wear something that made me more comfortable in the heat; or I could suffer and sweat it out for the sake of corporate responsibility. Well I did neither, instead of the listed options I dug out a sun dress with spaghetti straps and then (oh I'm so smart) I found a shrug I knitted over the winter. This FO to be exact. Now cashmere certainly ain't a warm weather fiber, but my office seems to not be affected by external temperatures and I figured I'd be okay.

Now you may be saying to yourself what's my big discovery? Shrugs serve a purpose!!!! I know brilliant right, have I blown your mind yet? I never thought of shrugs as anything else then a nice knitted accessory, if you will, something cute to layer, but not something integral to getting dressed in the morning. Now I know, shrugs help you cheat your way around the company dress code and are usually small enough to stuff in your purse (if you carry a large purse like I do) when you don't need them. Now I'm on a shrug knitting frenzy.

Just thought I'd share, and yes I do realize this entire post makes me sound like an idiot but I'll embrace my idiocy.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Alter Ego

Meet Tanya the bellydancer
She lives my other life where I put on shiney sparkley costumes and dance for strangers. She's happy to meet you all.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Heat Stoke

OMG , yes it's so hot I've resorted to interwebz speak, I can't move. It peaked out at 97 degrees today, 97 and steamy wet like only NY can be. I got stuck on a PATH train that had no working AC, and wow the people I live near stink to high heaven!

It's too hot to knit, too hot to spin, most definitely too hot to dye anything. I've been hand sewing some things for my other life's personality. I'll reveal more in the days to come, but it's too hot to thread a needle. My poor Dessie pup is burning her little paw pads on the asphalt and I swear to you my flip flops have melted just a bit.

My weekend was interesting, mostly living in my other life's persona but I think I invented a new Extreme Sport. I call it "Late Night Turnpike Driving on a Doughnut." It's gonna take the world by storm. Seriously, I was stone cold sober but my car was acting drunk, those tiny, dippy, itsy tires are just no good to drive on. It was 2AM and I was driving with the windows down and the radio on blast in case I drove off the road someone would find me from the noise. Terrifying, and then getting the car fixed was even worse.

I know a bit about cars but for some reasons mechanics see dollar signs when I walk into an auto repair place. I went to get the tire plugged and an oil change and walked out 110 dollars poorer. Apparently I needed some bulbs changed and a tire rotation too. They tried to charge me for changing my wiper blades but I told them I could snap those suckers on myself so just throw them in the backseat. I guess they were a little taken back because they did them anyway and didn't charge. And the guy who rang me up gave me a 5 dollar discount "cause you look so pretty today" (barf) and I'm like, if I look so damn good, give me a better discount. Ah well such is life.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a cool and nice 88 (still hot but compared to the last few days it's a god send) how have you been staying cool?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I got dumped

Okay this is a non crafting post, more ranting then anything else so if you wanna read about the crafts scroll past please.

I got dumped. I honestly don't think I've ever been dumped before. I mean I've had break ups, and ended relationships, but no one has ever flat out dumped me. It's a little odd and hard to get used to.

The strange thing is that I was dumped by someone who I was never really in a relationship with. I mean I had Rob, and Rob and I were together for 4 years (2 of which we co-habitated) and really I let that one get beat to death. I mean Rob and I probably should have lasted only 3 years but whatever, and by the time it was over I wasn't grief stricken on obsessed, I was ready to move on.

But this guy, I met him 6 weeks ago, we spoke for 2 and dated for 3 and then wham, out of no where I'm on the express train to dumpsville, population me. It was so out of no where and poorly handled. I mean we went from seeing each other at least twice a week and speaking 5 nights a week to a sudden collapse in communication. When I did finally get him on the phone it was dump time.

Him: Um this isn't working

Me: What do you mean, "isn't working" you were at my house with fucking soup and walking my dog cause I was sick last week.

Him: We're different people

Me: Obviously, you can't date your damn self.

Him: I didn't want to disrespect you.

Me: Then you should have had the balls to do it in person and not over the phone.

Him: Well in person it would have been a drawn out thing I mean your obviously angry

Me: I think I have that right.

Him: Maybe it's just we took things too fast

Me: You're the one who wanted exclusivity

Him: I mean I want to keep talking to you.

Me: I have enough friends

Him: Well maybe it's not done but I need a few days to think things over. I'll call you, I promise.

Me: And do I have a say in the decision.

Him: You can choose not to pick up the phone.

Me: Fine bye, go think.

That was over a week ago, now obviously a few days can be longer then a week but puh-leese, I'm not a moron. You're not going to call, cause you were just trying to get me off the phone.

Today I sent a text message, despite the fact that I was trying hard to put up a strong front and resist the urge to contact. I simply stated
"I have your jacket and a tee-shirt, I'm not holding on to them past tomorrow, let me know what to do with them or I will throw them out."
I have yet to get a response, I am so totally dumped. I need a scotch and a girls weekend.

The strange thing is that I didn't even know him enough to have like any sort of emotional attachment, for all I know he kills bunnies for fun in his spare time, but I think it's because I didn't get to know him, or figure out who he was and how I should respond to him that I'm making myself even crazier. I didn't love him, he didn't love me, so why is this making me more nuts then when I ended a four year relationship?

What did you do when you got dumped, any tricks to coping?

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Long Awaited FO

Pattern: Cropped Cardigan
Yarn: Shirley by Kramer Yarns (Hand painted by me)
Notes: Well I lengthened the body a bit, wish I had done a bit more. And I also wish I had started the ribbing a bit later because the ribbing line crosses the bottom of my bust and makes my rack look stunted. I knitted this with the modified neckline instructions which can be found on the pattern page on Ravelry. I kind of wish I had included a button hole, (that's a pin holding the sweater together) but I can pin at the bust or the neckline. This was a quick knit because the yarn is bulky and the sweater is small. I have one skein leftover and I'm trying to decide if I should rip out the bind off and add some length.

I went yarn shopping for the first time in a long time today. I bought some wonderful Fiji yarn in a soft pink (so not my normal color scheme) to make another coachella. I'm plugging away at my warm weather knitting and I have officially retired my unfinished sweaters until next fall.

I also bought some crazy/ugly novelty yarn for a costume for the Mermaid Parade this year on Coney Island. This is the last year for Coney Island before the rip it down and build condos. Kind of makes me want to cry, everything will be condos, Starbucks, CVS and banks soon. Gentrification can suck big time. Anyway if you're in the area come check it out. If you're up to it join up and march with us, let your freak flag fly!!