Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Heat Stoke

OMG , yes it's so hot I've resorted to interwebz speak, I can't move. It peaked out at 97 degrees today, 97 and steamy wet like only NY can be. I got stuck on a PATH train that had no working AC, and wow the people I live near stink to high heaven!

It's too hot to knit, too hot to spin, most definitely too hot to dye anything. I've been hand sewing some things for my other life's personality. I'll reveal more in the days to come, but it's too hot to thread a needle. My poor Dessie pup is burning her little paw pads on the asphalt and I swear to you my flip flops have melted just a bit.

My weekend was interesting, mostly living in my other life's persona but I think I invented a new Extreme Sport. I call it "Late Night Turnpike Driving on a Doughnut." It's gonna take the world by storm. Seriously, I was stone cold sober but my car was acting drunk, those tiny, dippy, itsy tires are just no good to drive on. It was 2AM and I was driving with the windows down and the radio on blast in case I drove off the road someone would find me from the noise. Terrifying, and then getting the car fixed was even worse.

I know a bit about cars but for some reasons mechanics see dollar signs when I walk into an auto repair place. I went to get the tire plugged and an oil change and walked out 110 dollars poorer. Apparently I needed some bulbs changed and a tire rotation too. They tried to charge me for changing my wiper blades but I told them I could snap those suckers on myself so just throw them in the backseat. I guess they were a little taken back because they did them anyway and didn't charge. And the guy who rang me up gave me a 5 dollar discount "cause you look so pretty today" (barf) and I'm like, if I look so damn good, give me a better discount. Ah well such is life.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a cool and nice 88 (still hot but compared to the last few days it's a god send) how have you been staying cool?

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Necia said...

Girl I feel your pain. I've been so quiet, because I'm having car woes myself. 1600 hundred bucks worth of car woes if you want to be technical. Where did you take your car for all of that. You should go see my guy on Monticello. Very fair!