Monday, June 30, 2008

Dragging my Ass

Well, the title of the post should say it all. It's been a crazy time at Casa de Stickyfingers and I could really use a few days of R&R. Sadly all my time off has been taken while I was sick and undergoing treatments (yes I was stupid and didn't apply for sick leave.) So no vacations for me this year.

I find my life is in a very different place then it was a year ago. Breaking up with Rob may have been very difficult, but I find myself enjoying who I am and what I'm doing more so as a single girl then as someone in a long term relationship. I forgot how nice a quiet house can be and no one fights me for the remote or argues about what we are doing for the weekend. When I was a "couple" Rob and I would take almost every weekend away from the city, driving up to his house in PA (god I miss that cabin on the lake) or my parents weekend place in CT. It was fun to get out of the city, but I forgot how many insane things happen in the city in the summer. I accidentally stumbled into the LGBT parade (or the pride parade as most people know it) as it worked it's way downtown. Even in the pouring rain it was so nice to see people out enjoying life and being proud of who they were. Though I'm not part of the community myself I felt a strong connection to these people just because I feel like loving yourself and loving what you do makes you a more complete individual.

This was an extended weekend for me, not that I had any extra days off, but I went out Thursday night with some girl friends and then Friday night and then Saturday night. I need a week away from booze and bars to restore my chi or at least escape the beer bloat. In all this insanity I realized how much fun it can be to just be young and not worry or stress or plan. It's like social soul searching and I'm learning so much about who I am.

Anyway onto crafting. I'm almost done with the lotus blossom tank. I'm nervous about how it going to come out because I see such wildly different looks when I browse the pattern on ravelry and the anticipation has been so much of the project that I haven't even tried on the tank as I knit it. Everyone cross your fingers and hope for a good FO!

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