Wednesday, June 18, 2008

As days go by

Oh my word, I love those few weeks before the official start of summer don't you. The sun shines well into the night and the green on the plants is vibrant and alive. The heat isn't unbearable (well it was a few weeks ago but still) and the city has yet to develop it's eau de summer stench that haunts my nostrils when I think about it.

I've been slowly getting back into crafting. I'm almost finished with my mermaid costume for the mermaid parade on Saturday. If you're in NYC you really should come out, it's supposed to be like Mardi Gras in Brooklyn :) I'll post tons of pics if you can't make it so you can pretend you were there.

I also posted a new roving to the etsy shop I call it Lagoon in June (it's a little Dr Seuss sounding but I like it) and it's superwash wool

I also cleaned out my refrigerator (not that there was much to clean since, Rob moved out I don't really do much food shopping) and found all this almost rotted fruit. It wasn't bad fruit, just ugly. So I took the blueberries and peaches and a cup of sugar and a lemon rind
and simmered them for hours with a touch of amaretto and wow I made an awesome compote/fruit preserve.
Here it is on some sugar free pudding

I've been working on the bolero, I cast off this morning and will sew it up tonight a totally gratifying knit if you ask me. Now I'm pondering my next summer cast on. I have one project waiting for me but its miles of stockinette and god that bores me so much. I'm trying to decide between a few projects: (all ravelry links below)
Mirabella Cardigan
Two Toned Ribbed Shrug


Jacki said...

The roving is beautiful.

I now have an urge to go simmer something in Amaretto. That sounds wonderful...

Anonymous said...

Ooh I voted too :)
I have to watch out with that sort of things. My Ravelry queue is allready way too long.
I'm Flowersandlemons on blogger by the way, but too lazy to log in..