Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Okay so here's the deal. My apartment is SUPPOSED to have central AC, notice I capitalized "supposed" because honestly that shit has not been working since the temps climbed above 80 degrees. I don't consider myself a picky person but damn if I don't need some cool air every once and awhile. I don't mind sleeping without AC, in fact when I do sleep with AC, I wake up groggy with an itchy throat, but my poor, poor puppy has to sit in an un-airconditioned apartment sweating under her fur coat, and that's just wrong. I've been leaving water for her in different locations, and I open the terrace door so she can go outside when she wants but I feel awful for her.

I contacted management several times and was told it was a building issue, not a unit issue, well I ran into the building manager yesterday and asked when the AC would be back on. He looked at me like I grew an extra head and said it should be working. Well it SHOULD be but it's not, so what am I supposed to do. I had to contact my landlord last night and ask him to replace the unit. He asked me why I took so long to contact him about it and I told him I was told by management that it was a building wide problem. He laughed at me, yes he LAUGHED at me, and told me moving forward to contact him immediately. I don't know if that's gonna do me any good because the closets that are off track (which were like that when I moved in back in October) are still off track even though I told him about it back in October. Ahhhh, I think I need to just buy a farm somewhere and escape this urban nonsense.

Well since it's been so friggin hot, I haven't been spinning all that much. I currently have some hemp on the bobbins for that Brighton Bag from Knittyspin Spring 2008, (yes I know the pattern calls for flax but hemp is a bit easier to spin.) The problem with spinning hemp is that you need to wet spin it, which I do by dipping my finger tips in a bowl of water, which causes pruney finger tips and softened skin which then starts to flake if you spin too long. So I've been spinning the hemp for almost a month now because I like my finger tips with skin on them, thank you very much!

But The Knit Girls are running a fundraiser, and though I don't like a lot of the infighting that group engages in, I think they're mostly a cool bunch of chicks, so I broke out the wheel and some fiber and spun up a super funky crazy "bad girl" skein which I call "Sid & Nancy"
I'm thinking of spinning an entire line of "doomed lovers" because I have such a high opinion of love right now :P
It's a 90/10 wool mohair blend, spun into two singles of mixed pink batt and black and white roving, then I plied the two together adding bits of crazy funky novelty yarn where I saw fit.
There are a few coils in there too but I didn't get any pics.
If you donate to the knit girl fundraiser you too can be in the running to win this awesome yarn.

Oh Saturday was the Mermaid Parade, which is "Let Your Freak Flag Fly" day out on Coney Island. It was crazy and fun and super hot, I got a tan to end all tans, and had my pic taken by a bunch of strangers (no touching though, people kept asking to touch and I would give them the death stare.)
I had a friend with me who's a photographer so I'm waiting on his pics but here's a preview of the insanity.


Jacki said...

Aw, poor hot Dessie! We just have window units, and Toby pretty much camps out all summer in the bathroom on the cool tile floor. And random strangers who want to touch you is just crazy. What the hell is wrong with people? The picture you posted is pretty awesome, though - it looks like a crazy fun day.

Anonymous said...

your sid and nancy yarn is beautiful!!