Friday, June 13, 2008


I had a moment this week that put my knitting into perspective. I knit things mindlessly sometimes, not knowing if I'll wear/use them but knitting them for the sake of knitting or because I think they will look pretty. I'm of the mindset that if I don't like an FO I can give it away or gift it to someone who will look better in it then I will.

There are certain items I have knit and kept but really had no idea when or where I would use them. This week I experienced such a smack to the forehead moment that my knitting life is changed for the better. It was stupid hot in the city this week. Gross hot, yucky hot, draw a cold bath and eat and ice pop at the same time hot, and my office has a "no bare shoulders" policy. What's a sweaty girl to do? I could, like some of my co-workers, buck the policy and wear something that made me more comfortable in the heat; or I could suffer and sweat it out for the sake of corporate responsibility. Well I did neither, instead of the listed options I dug out a sun dress with spaghetti straps and then (oh I'm so smart) I found a shrug I knitted over the winter. This FO to be exact. Now cashmere certainly ain't a warm weather fiber, but my office seems to not be affected by external temperatures and I figured I'd be okay.

Now you may be saying to yourself what's my big discovery? Shrugs serve a purpose!!!! I know brilliant right, have I blown your mind yet? I never thought of shrugs as anything else then a nice knitted accessory, if you will, something cute to layer, but not something integral to getting dressed in the morning. Now I know, shrugs help you cheat your way around the company dress code and are usually small enough to stuff in your purse (if you carry a large purse like I do) when you don't need them. Now I'm on a shrug knitting frenzy.

Just thought I'd share, and yes I do realize this entire post makes me sound like an idiot but I'll embrace my idiocy.

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Do said...

That's a great idea.. *is off to add a shrug to her Ravelry queue*
I hope you're doing well, after your relationship with soup guy?