Thursday, January 31, 2008


Yes you read that title right FOs, as in plural. I have two to share today; I'm feeling productive and happy. Finishing these two inspired me to dig out some other UFO's and get cracking. If I can finish the small UFO's by this weekend then I'll tackle the larger ones. I'm resisting the urge to cast on new items. I want to cast on in the worst way. My fingers are itching for new wool, new needles and new ideas, but I will not cave in to my urges I will plug along and finish what I started. If I can do this then I will buy myself a Snuggs kit for adults in tan and light blue and I will be a happy little crafter.

First up on the bragging block is my Ripple and Ridge Scarf. I designed this myself from the Ripple and Ridge stitch pattern in Vogue Stitchionary Vol 1. I'm not sure if its okay to write up the pattern for sharing since all I did was that stitch pattern in repeats and set the yarn weight and length, but if you really want it I'll put it up for you.

Pattern: Ripple and Ridge Scarf

Yarn: Handspun Lace weight Superwash Merino/Tencel (50/50) dyed by Spunky Eclectic (its the September Colorway) 310 yards 28 wpi



Notes: This was a nice simple gratifying knit that would work well for variegated laceweight yarn that looks funny when knit in a more complicated pattern. The ripple effect really plays up the colors.

Here's a close up of the stitches to show you how they look.


I'm impressed with this knit, I loved it and I gladly gifted it to a very lovely co-worker who was ever so grateful and happy to receive it.

The next FO was a quick knit that I'm loving ever so much

Pattern: Sugar Plum Shrug from Interweave Knits Holiday Issue 2007

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Pure Cashmere (bought 50% off at WEBS)



(Ignore my face it was early I'm not wearing any makeup and I'm sick as a dog)

Notes: This pattern is supposed to be knit in a mohair airy yarn, well I already have a shrug in brushed alpaca in white and I needed something different. This pattern required exactly the amount of cashmere I had so I figured I'd try it out and if worse came to worse I could frog. Knitting with the cashmere was like dipping my fingers in heaven, so soft and yummy I didn't want this project to end. The body is knit in one long piece and the lace pattern is easy to memorize. Then the cuffs and edging are knit separately and sewn on. I loved this piece so much I sewed the whole thing up as soon as it was done blocking, and wore it to work the very next day. I recommend this knit as a quick and gratifying piece, it’s a shrug so it knits quickly but it looks far more elegant and complex then it actually is. I can't tell you how much I love this shrug there are no words.

Copy of P1010022-1

Subbing the worsted weight yarn for the mohair worked perfectly and I may knit this again in another non-mohair worsted yarn.

I end this post with the sun setting over Jersey City. I'm happy it stays lighter longer because I love coming home to this sight


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stickyfingers Blog Giveaway!!

I have decided to take part in the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival


I am offering up this hand made crocheted cotton clutch purse like the one pictured below (if you like this one I'll gladly send it out but you can request your own colors too)

How to win
It’s real simple! Post a comment. That’s it! REAL easy!
Some details
On Friday, February 2nd at 11:59 PM EST, comments will close and a winner will be selected using a random number generator. The winner will be posted on Sunday, February 3rd.
Duplicate comments will be deleted.
This giveaway is open to bloggers and non bloggers for US shipping addresses only.
The winner will be notified on Saturday, February 2nd via email.
The winner will have 4 days to respond with a shipping address. (Don’t forget to check your Spam/Bulk folders.) If I don’t receive the information within the time frame, another winner will be chosen by random number.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Other Crafty Persuits

I had a strange dream last night. I dreamt I went to a party and woke up covered in tattoos, and not good tattoos either. I panicked and woke up with a start knocking poor Dessie off the bed. Not sure what it all means but it still haunts me even though I am very much awake right now.

This weekend I decided that my walls were still too nude and I must do something about it. I thought I would paint something, but it appears my paints were lost (thrown out by an asshole) during the move. What I did have was tons and tons of fiber so I thought I'd give felting a try. two hours later I had this
I don't know why the background is photographing brown, its gray. I wet felted the whole thing in the tub and added the sparkle and yarn design by needle felting after it dried. By the way wet felting may be one of the past ways to release frustration and tension, if jumping up and down barefoot in a tub full of suds and fiber doesn't make you feel better, nothing will. If memory serves me correct the background is wool blend, the dark blue is BFL roving, the purple is leftovers from the drum carder, the light blue/aqua is corriedale locks and the orange is Lincoln locks. I had to reinforce some of the lincoln locks becuase they didn't want to stay put.

I also made a clock for over the table out of a two dollar plate from target and a cheapo clock from the sale bin
It matches my new placemats, which I picked up at Target as well. I swear it's no good for my bank account living so close to a Target, that place is like a black hole of spending. Your money goes in and never comes out...

Then I rasterbated (get your mind outta the gutter this instant) a picture of Bettie Page to go by the empty wall near my bed.
I don't think this is permanenent but it will be a good place holder until I find something nicer to replace it with
I have other crafty things to show off but I'm gonna save them for a more traditional stickyfingers post. Oh and please please please vote for me, I'm loosing people loosing by alot and I can't deal with rejection right now : (

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Long Weekend Lots O' Craftin

I wove! I wove something wearable and I'm impressed (you probably should be too :P )
The warp is Brown Sheep Worsted and the Weft is Universal Yarns "Jewel." This was a present to my sister for her birthday which occured while she was overseas in France. The entire scarf is like 9 feet long (I know I went a little overboard) but it was fun and easy (completed start to finish in a single night) and my mother has already requested one in white.

As for the FO I was talking about last week
Pattern: Corazon from Knitty Winter 2006
Yarn: Frog Tree Alpaca Sportweight (2 skeins; 1 Green, 1Tan)
The colorwork is hard to see in photographs because the yarn is a bit fuzzy but it came out well. The pattern calls for DK weight yarn but I couldn't get gauge and Frog Tree Alpaca yarn is softness in yarn form, soft and warm these mittens are already well worn. I guess I got better as I knit because the second mitten was snugger then the first but blocking took care of that issue. I love this pattern and recommend it to anyone looking to try colorwork. It was a quick knit taking only 3 days from start to finish and the end results are lovely and impressive.

Currently on my needles is Excuses from Magknits which is proving to be a nice mindless TV knit. I'm hoping this is a sweater I'll finish. I've finally completed the body of my kauni and I'm procrastinating on casting on the sleeves. I kind of feel like the close I get to finishing that knit the closer I am to steeking and I'm not sure if my heart can take the stress.

I took a trip to Knitty City yesterday to buy more yarn (cause I really need more yarn) I actually have a good reason this time. My mother wanted me to weave her one of those scarfs and my cousins are in from Boston and begging for some thick yarn socks to wear with UGG type boots. I use a Lion Brand pattern that escapes me mind at the moment but is used with "thick and quick" to crochet these wonderfully squishy socks. I'm using Brown Sheep Bulky instead because wool is nicer on feet then acrylic. My sister then requested another pair as well but stupid me, I calculated the yardages wrong so I will have to stop by the yarn store again.

While there I picked up some sock yarn, I figure I'll give sock knitting another go round. Rob's birthday socks (which he'll never get cause he's an ass) are still on needles somewhere but I figured I'd go for a nice basic pattern and knit a small size so they would finish faster. If I can complete these I'll dig out the Rob socks finish them and give them to my dad or another man who isn't an ass.

And once again I'm still in the running (but badly losing) for February's knit girl. C'mon people this is good practice for the presidential election so get out there and vote (for me)!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion

I'm in the running to be a Bad Knit Girl (think suicide girls plus knitting and minus cooter)

Go vote for me I deserve your vote because February is my birthday month so I should be February's girl. That and I'm kind of awesome and totally dorky and us dorks need love.

Friday, January 18, 2008

A Study in Color

So I promised a crafting post a dammit I keep my promises (well most of the time I have broken promises in the past but I assure you they were probably broken for a good reason and not because I can be a lazy cow!)

I dyed up some roving for the etsy two weeks ago but I just got around to taking pics. These are interesting because they are both from the same dye bath, dyed at the same time but the color results are very very different due to the nature of the wools in question.

Roving number 1 is a superwash merino. Superwash is well known for its dye sucking abilities, most people recommend letting your protein fiber soak in a bit of acid before dyeing so it takes the color better but I don't recommend doing this with superwash. There is something that happens to the wool during the process that makes it superwash that causes it to suck up dye like an alcoholic at happy hour. I soak my superwash in water only before the dye bath to avoid splotchy dye spots and uneven tones. This particular roving started out a hideous shade of yellow and was begging for some color to make it a bit less puke worthy. Here's the final result
I'm going to call it "Swamp Thing"

The second roving is 2oz of cormo that appears to have been pin drafted. I know a lot of people have issues with cormo, but it is super lovely to work with and so springy and smooshy, I would sleep though the night in a bed made of cormo. Cormo's trick is to not over process it, its elasticity makes it difficult to card but if you tease the locks open and comb it looks/feels wonderful. If you want to card cormo I reccomend teasing open the locks and spritzing them with a bit of water and fabric softener to beat them into submission and prevent the static from making you crazy. Here's the roving I'm calling it "Think Pink"

Now I know you're probably thinking, these two rovings could NEVER have come from the same dye bath. Well you're wrong, let me explain what happened here. First the dye bath was made from black Wiltons food dye. The black food dye breaks very easily because of all the colors used to make it appear black. I like using the black food dye exactly for this purpose, it gives a tie-dye effect to the finished product. Second, one must remember that superwash absorbs dye much better then cormo so the superwash roving took most of the color. Thirdly red and pink must reach a higher temperature before they will penetrate a fiber so as a result all the pinks were left in the dye bath for the cormo to absorb. And thus we have two very different colorways created from the same dye pot.

Onto spinning
"Snow Day"
130 yards Merino/Angora/ Angelina 55/40/5
Spun from batts I carded using the long draw method. I fulled the final yarn to create a fuzzy, soft, and strong yarn. I find that angora tends to want to break when I knit with it and fulling helps it hold its structure.

I also have an FO to share but I'll save that for next week!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

One Door Closes

I have been waiting for a promotion for 6 months now. It was promised to me, and I was given the work that I would be doing once I was promoted. For 6 months I have been working two jobs waiting and hoping that the promotion would just happen already. I was told this week that I would not be getting the promotion, and to make matters worse my current employment is now being questioned because so much of my time was spent doing the other job. I feel used and foolish, somehow I still believe the grade school saying that "hard work will be rewarded." It won't, at least in the corporate world it won't, the new saying is "shady dealings and backroom deals will be rewarded, all others will be cast aside as their usefulness runs it's course."

Enough griping....I'm starting to bore myself with all this complaining...Onto the crafting. I've finished a pair of mittens and I cast off the body for my kauni, lots of knitting to be featured soon I promise.

Monday, January 14, 2008

80's Prom Dress NYE Pics

Action Shot:

I had surgery last week so not much to write about. I got a ton of knitting done (recuperation and knitting go well together) watched another Degrassi marathon and sat through all 3 seasons of arrested development on DVD (my love for Micheal Cera is most unnatural.)

Friday, January 4, 2008

I'm Hooking Again!

Get your mind outta the gutter, I'm just crocheting. I had some time to kill and the closet re-org helped me discover old yarn that I forgot I had or spun. I found this alpaca, which was my first attempt as spinning and prepping from a raw fleece
Its a bit over spun and thick and thin but damn it was soft and alpaca is warm. Jon bet me I couldn't finish a hat in a night, and I knew that I couldn't if I knit it, so I broke out the hooks and The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller and 2 hours later I had this.
Pattern: The PDQ from The Happy Hooker
Yarn: Handspun Alpaca worsted/bulky weight 250 yards
Notes: I finished the hat in 2 hours and then tried it on. I almost cried because the flaps stuck out funny and I forgot how inelastic alpaca can be. I threw the hat aside in a tired cranky rage but this morning I attached braids to the flaps and now I like the hat much much better. Because alpaca is so warm the holes really don't let my head get too drafty.

Onto the story of the dress. I was asked out by a friend to a New Years Eve gala. I don't really own any fancy schmancy clothes and lets be honest, how often am I gonna need a really fancy party dress? I had an idea that I sprung on Mollie who was totally into it. First we went thrifting for the ugliest 80's dress I could find. (Mollie has my pics and I will post them later) then I bought a ton of tulle and a pair of scissors. The gown was black and gold with a corset bodice and black long skirt (down to the floor), it had a gold stripe made from that awful 80's metallic fabric across the top and lace over the bodice. It looked very Madonna in her material girl phase and I knew it could be great. First we cut the skirt at the knees (the skirt material was acetate so I didn't feel guilty about ruining it) and then sewed the tulle underneath to give it a poufy look. I removed the gold stripe and added a halter tie. I loved the dress and everyone thought it was a Betsy Johnson. When I told my date that I was wearing an 80's prom dress he freaked (and maybe whined like a 7 year old girl) but even he told me it looked good. With shoes and a light jacket (both from target) I spent a total of 32 dollars on my outfit, 8 of which were spent on the dress itself. I've never really reconned an outfit before but I loved it.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Something New

New Year, new craft...This is not a long post but I just wanted to show you what I've been up to
Weaving. It's like knitting but a bit more mindless (not mindless in a bad way.)

New Years day I cleaned and organized the craft closet, I now have only one crafting closet. I used to have one crafting closet, one box in the clothing closet and another box in the middle of the bedroom. Yeah I collect way way way too much crap. But look, organization in all it's glory

I knitted another Scraptastic Stashbusting Scarf
This one is for sale on the etsy I've also listed a few supplies that are still in their original packaging which I never used and probably never will.

New Years Eve was, overwhelming, I now have a reason for staying low key in the future. Much fun was had and the tale of the dress will be rolled out in the next post. Let's just say the tale revolves around a hideous $8.00 thrift store 80's dress and the determination of my ability to make anything nicer.