Thursday, January 17, 2008

One Door Closes

I have been waiting for a promotion for 6 months now. It was promised to me, and I was given the work that I would be doing once I was promoted. For 6 months I have been working two jobs waiting and hoping that the promotion would just happen already. I was told this week that I would not be getting the promotion, and to make matters worse my current employment is now being questioned because so much of my time was spent doing the other job. I feel used and foolish, somehow I still believe the grade school saying that "hard work will be rewarded." It won't, at least in the corporate world it won't, the new saying is "shady dealings and backroom deals will be rewarded, all others will be cast aside as their usefulness runs it's course."

Enough griping....I'm starting to bore myself with all this complaining...Onto the crafting. I've finished a pair of mittens and I cast off the body for my kauni, lots of knitting to be featured soon I promise.

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Jacki said...

Well, that's completely sucky. Consider me as someone who is highly pissed on your behalf (not that that really matters any). :P