Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Long Weekend Lots O' Craftin

I wove! I wove something wearable and I'm impressed (you probably should be too :P )
The warp is Brown Sheep Worsted and the Weft is Universal Yarns "Jewel." This was a present to my sister for her birthday which occured while she was overseas in France. The entire scarf is like 9 feet long (I know I went a little overboard) but it was fun and easy (completed start to finish in a single night) and my mother has already requested one in white.

As for the FO I was talking about last week
Pattern: Corazon from Knitty Winter 2006
Yarn: Frog Tree Alpaca Sportweight (2 skeins; 1 Green, 1Tan)
The colorwork is hard to see in photographs because the yarn is a bit fuzzy but it came out well. The pattern calls for DK weight yarn but I couldn't get gauge and Frog Tree Alpaca yarn is softness in yarn form, soft and warm these mittens are already well worn. I guess I got better as I knit because the second mitten was snugger then the first but blocking took care of that issue. I love this pattern and recommend it to anyone looking to try colorwork. It was a quick knit taking only 3 days from start to finish and the end results are lovely and impressive.

Currently on my needles is Excuses from Magknits which is proving to be a nice mindless TV knit. I'm hoping this is a sweater I'll finish. I've finally completed the body of my kauni and I'm procrastinating on casting on the sleeves. I kind of feel like the close I get to finishing that knit the closer I am to steeking and I'm not sure if my heart can take the stress.

I took a trip to Knitty City yesterday to buy more yarn (cause I really need more yarn) I actually have a good reason this time. My mother wanted me to weave her one of those scarfs and my cousins are in from Boston and begging for some thick yarn socks to wear with UGG type boots. I use a Lion Brand pattern that escapes me mind at the moment but is used with "thick and quick" to crochet these wonderfully squishy socks. I'm using Brown Sheep Bulky instead because wool is nicer on feet then acrylic. My sister then requested another pair as well but stupid me, I calculated the yardages wrong so I will have to stop by the yarn store again.

While there I picked up some sock yarn, I figure I'll give sock knitting another go round. Rob's birthday socks (which he'll never get cause he's an ass) are still on needles somewhere but I figured I'd go for a nice basic pattern and knit a small size so they would finish faster. If I can complete these I'll dig out the Rob socks finish them and give them to my dad or another man who isn't an ass.

And once again I'm still in the running (but badly losing) for February's knit girl. C'mon people this is good practice for the presidential election so get out there and vote (for me)!

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Terri said...

Congratulations on your weaving - I'll bet your sister loves it!

Happy Weaving,