Thursday, January 3, 2008

Something New

New Year, new craft...This is not a long post but I just wanted to show you what I've been up to
Weaving. It's like knitting but a bit more mindless (not mindless in a bad way.)

New Years day I cleaned and organized the craft closet, I now have only one crafting closet. I used to have one crafting closet, one box in the clothing closet and another box in the middle of the bedroom. Yeah I collect way way way too much crap. But look, organization in all it's glory

I knitted another Scraptastic Stashbusting Scarf
This one is for sale on the etsy I've also listed a few supplies that are still in their original packaging which I never used and probably never will.

New Years Eve was, overwhelming, I now have a reason for staying low key in the future. Much fun was had and the tale of the dress will be rolled out in the next post. Let's just say the tale revolves around a hideous $8.00 thrift store 80's dress and the determination of my ability to make anything nicer.

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