Friday, January 4, 2008

I'm Hooking Again!

Get your mind outta the gutter, I'm just crocheting. I had some time to kill and the closet re-org helped me discover old yarn that I forgot I had or spun. I found this alpaca, which was my first attempt as spinning and prepping from a raw fleece
Its a bit over spun and thick and thin but damn it was soft and alpaca is warm. Jon bet me I couldn't finish a hat in a night, and I knew that I couldn't if I knit it, so I broke out the hooks and The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller and 2 hours later I had this.
Pattern: The PDQ from The Happy Hooker
Yarn: Handspun Alpaca worsted/bulky weight 250 yards
Notes: I finished the hat in 2 hours and then tried it on. I almost cried because the flaps stuck out funny and I forgot how inelastic alpaca can be. I threw the hat aside in a tired cranky rage but this morning I attached braids to the flaps and now I like the hat much much better. Because alpaca is so warm the holes really don't let my head get too drafty.

Onto the story of the dress. I was asked out by a friend to a New Years Eve gala. I don't really own any fancy schmancy clothes and lets be honest, how often am I gonna need a really fancy party dress? I had an idea that I sprung on Mollie who was totally into it. First we went thrifting for the ugliest 80's dress I could find. (Mollie has my pics and I will post them later) then I bought a ton of tulle and a pair of scissors. The gown was black and gold with a corset bodice and black long skirt (down to the floor), it had a gold stripe made from that awful 80's metallic fabric across the top and lace over the bodice. It looked very Madonna in her material girl phase and I knew it could be great. First we cut the skirt at the knees (the skirt material was acetate so I didn't feel guilty about ruining it) and then sewed the tulle underneath to give it a poufy look. I removed the gold stripe and added a halter tie. I loved the dress and everyone thought it was a Betsy Johnson. When I told my date that I was wearing an 80's prom dress he freaked (and maybe whined like a 7 year old girl) but even he told me it looked good. With shoes and a light jacket (both from target) I spent a total of 32 dollars on my outfit, 8 of which were spent on the dress itself. I've never really reconned an outfit before but I loved it.


Necia said...

You are going to show us this fabo dress right?


Jacki said...

Can't wait to see the dress. I love the braids on the earflaps, I think they make the hat look great!

Cassiemarie said...

Love the earflap hat! It really shows off the beautiful alpaca nicely, and I'm sure it is SOOOOO Uber-Soft!