Thursday, January 24, 2008

Other Crafty Persuits

I had a strange dream last night. I dreamt I went to a party and woke up covered in tattoos, and not good tattoos either. I panicked and woke up with a start knocking poor Dessie off the bed. Not sure what it all means but it still haunts me even though I am very much awake right now.

This weekend I decided that my walls were still too nude and I must do something about it. I thought I would paint something, but it appears my paints were lost (thrown out by an asshole) during the move. What I did have was tons and tons of fiber so I thought I'd give felting a try. two hours later I had this
I don't know why the background is photographing brown, its gray. I wet felted the whole thing in the tub and added the sparkle and yarn design by needle felting after it dried. By the way wet felting may be one of the past ways to release frustration and tension, if jumping up and down barefoot in a tub full of suds and fiber doesn't make you feel better, nothing will. If memory serves me correct the background is wool blend, the dark blue is BFL roving, the purple is leftovers from the drum carder, the light blue/aqua is corriedale locks and the orange is Lincoln locks. I had to reinforce some of the lincoln locks becuase they didn't want to stay put.

I also made a clock for over the table out of a two dollar plate from target and a cheapo clock from the sale bin
It matches my new placemats, which I picked up at Target as well. I swear it's no good for my bank account living so close to a Target, that place is like a black hole of spending. Your money goes in and never comes out...

Then I rasterbated (get your mind outta the gutter this instant) a picture of Bettie Page to go by the empty wall near my bed.
I don't think this is permanenent but it will be a good place holder until I find something nicer to replace it with
I have other crafty things to show off but I'm gonna save them for a more traditional stickyfingers post. Oh and please please please vote for me, I'm loosing people loosing by alot and I can't deal with rejection right now : (

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Jacki said...

The Bettie Page thingy is grand! Way to rasterbate! :)