Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Spinning Out of Control

I know everyone else on the blogosphere posted about this on Monday, but I'm slow so sue me.

It was a lovely Saturday morning and I was excited and nervous. Why was my stomach in knots? Well for one I was moving in four days to my brand spanking new apartment, and I was going to the NYC Spin Out in Central Park. I spent Friday night prepping fiber and drinking Campari and soda (its a disgusting drink that I love) to take the edge off. The drum carder and my arm go quite a work out as a carded up Glittergirl94's Alpaca into fluffy brown batts. Then I spent some time creating mixed media batts for the Etsy. Take a peek.
I call this one Sherbert, it has Mohair, bamboo, and wool top dyed with coachineal and brazilwood
And this one is Christmas Candy, it has mohair, bamboo sari silk and alpaca dyed with acid dyes

I fell asleep around 1AM and woke before my alarm. was supposed to go off at 10AM. Rob and I took a drive to grab breakfast at the bagel place and we sat and talked about the move. I told him I would be out for most of the day to meet spinners in real life. I've met many spinners over the interweb, but never have I met a real life, flesh and blood spinner and I was so giddy. Back to the house for some quick packing and then I loaded Louis (That's my wheel Louis the Louet) into the back of the car and swung by Mollies apartment to kidnap her so I would have company on my journey.

We arrived in Central Park around 2PM which gave me ample spinning time. I carried Louis into the park on my shoulder wishing the entire time I had a portable wheel. People stared at me like I was a three headed monster. One person built up the courage to ask what I was carrying and I said "its a spinning wheel, I'm sure you seen people walking their wheels in the park before!"

Finally I made it to the clearing and I spotted the wheels and spinners.
Here's some pics from that day
Mollie and Louis

The NYC Meetup group "Spin City" working on their drop spindles

The Lendrum Ladies with knitters for company

More Lendrums (they sure are popular, I think if I don't get a littlegem I'll get a lendrum)

Me, Louis and Mollie (she's learning to spin on a cd spindle)

Me and my bad posture, I have to remember to sit up straight

I met Harlem Purl and her cute little victoria, I had such wheel envy when she folded it up put it in her backpack and walked away. I also met Brooklynhandspun, her haircut looks great.

It was a great day and I loved meeting everyone.


Necia said...

Aw, you look like you had a ball. Congrats on the move. Are you still in JC? We will definitely meet during Rhinebeck. Are you staying or just making the trip?


Harlem Purl said...

It was great meeting you also. I'm sorry I didn't think to ask if you had a blog. I would've recognized you as soon as you said that. What's your screen name on ravelry so I can find you?