Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Good Ventillation Is Always a Must

I've been dying lately, dying and prepping. I have lots of free time on my hands now that I'm all alone. It gets quiet in the house, but if I stay busy and keep the TV on for background noise I'm okay.

When I said I had lots of free time I was lying, I now have to do what two people used to, all be it for one less person but damned if I know how to do laundry. Rob was the clean one and I was the crafter. Moving on from my pity party, and into the creative process...
My Little Gem arrived last week, the Monday after Rhinebeck to be precise which was perfect because I have all these things to spin now. It takes a little getting used to when switching from Irish tension (the babe and Louie) to Scotch tension. I have yet to name the wheel so for now she will be called Majacraft, she is most definitely a female where as Louie is so masculine. In addition to my new wheel I bought Indigo Hound Double Pitch Combs at rhinebeck and though I have poked little holes in my finger tips I find the learning curve on these things isn't so bad at all. Youtube and the internets can teach a lot especially when you find this woman. She is a little loud and very energetic, but stick around and watch her fiber prepping tutorials, she should have a show on DIY network or something.

I scoured my first wool fleece in a sink this weekend and I think I have a technique that can't be beat, (don't we all say that) I'll do another batch this week and post photos. It really is a good technique because it saves you from scrubbing the tub. And last night I spend a few hours combing and spinning the wool that was dry. Spinning from combed wool is a dream, super easy and the final results are lovely. I was using a long wool so the final product won't be soft on the skin but I'm sure I can make something lovely out of it. I was truly amazed at how the fleece turned from a dingy yellow, stinky, greasy mess to a lovely white cloud that smelled only slightly like wool and more clean then any yarn I had knit with lately.

I also spent the weekend dying with the new colors I picked up at rhinebeck. I did some hankies, which I don't have a pic of yet, they are super lovely, vibrant and warm. I'll take pics tonight and post as soon as I can.

I also did sock yarn, here's the first

Abominable Snowman




this yarn is based on this guy (the big dude in the back)

And then I did some roving based on the sunset I watched from my balcony



Both are available at my etsy shop.

I am thinking I will do a post on my dying technique as well. I do both and and cold pour methods, but I also do a pasta jar method that makes color blending a snap, its best for small batch dye jobs, but those are the only ones I do anyway. All yarns and fibers are one of a kind and difficult to replicate, though I can come close.


Necia said...

You go girl! If you ever get too lonely, don't hesitate to call me! The least I can do is lend you my very talkative son. He's cute, and he knows how to cook and do laundry(although not very well).
Keep ya headup girlfriend, it gets easier. If you love something set it free, if it was meant to be, it'll be back!


Harlem Purl said...

I'm going to hold you to those tutorials. I can't wait!