Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Things to do instead of unpacking

I left Rob this weekend to handle the house mess. He's really gone above and beyond what I thought he would be doing. He and his parents moved the entire apartment with the help of a U-Haul and a floor dolly. I couldn't believe the stack of boxes when I returned to the apartment.

Its nice being up high again, seeing the sun and knowing I can walk the dog at night without issue. I loved my old place, it had a tiny backyard and it was cheap cheap cheap! But one can only live with one window for so long. The damage to the building was becoming unbearable and it was time to step it up a level (or 15!) Now I reside in a studio apartment, it is bigger then my old 1 bedroom, but still one room can take its toll, with a large terrace, doorman and parking. Things are moving along but I procrastinate to craft as any good creative person tends to do.

I drove up to Connecticut to spend the weekend with my folks and brought Dessie along for the ride. As boredom set in my itchy fingers whipped up some drop spindles for the Etsy shop. Here they are in all their glory
Top whorls; 1.2oz 1.5" whorl, 12" shaft
Bottom whorls: .9oz, 1.5" whorl, 12" shaft
I love how the beads catch the light when spinning and create a visual effect that is quite pretty. This was my first successful attempt at wire wrapping.

I cast on the Secret of the Stole on Friday night and though I though the double point would be a pain, it was easier then I expected. So easy that I just signed myself up for another mystery lace project the "Mystic Waters" KAL I don't want to buy another bunch of yarn so I think I'll frog the Print O The Waves stole for this project. I didn't really want to pick up all those border stitches anyway.

I order a bunch of Henry's attic yarns yesterday so this weekend my Terrace is going to be yarn dying central. I'll be adding sock yarn to the etsy shop soon. I may have a "name this colorway" contest.

I also bought a used Majacraft Littlejem 2 from another user on ravelry. Don't get me wrong I love Louie, but I want to spin thin and I want to be able to carry my wheel with me if I need to. I'm going to sell the Babe pinkie wheel. I was using it mostly for plying anyway. If anyone wants a slightly used pinkie wheel I'm selling the Double Treadle for 125.00 I've spun less then 30 hours on it, and I will throw in some fiber to play with as well. I'll post pics soon. Its a great wheel for children, plying and travel it just doesn't suit my needs anymore.


Necia said...

Ooooooooh mystery waters kal. Never heard of it. Off to google. Congrats on your new wheel purchase.


Harlem Purl said...

Now who's the one with wheel envy. When I got my Vicky I couldn't decide between her and a little gem. Well my patience, or lack there of, made the decision for me.

Kewl spindles!

Leigha said...

How much for the Pinkie? I'll be checking back!