Thursday, October 4, 2007

FO! And pics from my trip

I finished the "Shug This" from One Skein Wonders its a quick pattern that uses very little yarn and even less time. I knit this in the suggested yarn "Rowan Kid Classic."
I made one modification to the length. Instead of 6 rows after the sleeves are joined before the ribbing I knit 12 rows and then the ribbing. This used up almost all the yarn and I think made the top look a little less absurd
I also blocked the crap outta the sucker to make it more airy and less tiny. I like it and I recieved many compliements when I wore it to work yesterday. I went very well with a black tank and patterned pencil skirt and was the perfect warm up on a not quite fall day.

Here's some pics from the road trip to Toronto. These were all taken at Niagara falls on the Canadian side, which for some reason reminded me of Atlantic City. There was all this bustling tourist action on the main drag but behind it was an area of poverty and ugliness. I didn't shoot the ugly side so you'll have to make the trip and judge for yourself.
This is me in a rare photo of myself
Maid of the Mist, we rode this thing into the falls it was exhillerateing
The Horseshoe Fall
Suited up in our blue ponchos for the boat ride
On our way into the water
The wall of water

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