Monday, October 29, 2007

My Credit Card Got a Workout Part II

So I hope you are all caught up on the events leading up to the besetest day of my year so far. Sunday was the main event and Mollie and I were well prepared. We woke at 8:30AM and got dressed, packed and ready as fast as we could. We had decided the day before to have IHOP for breakfast because neither of us eats there with regularity and there is something magical about silver dollar pancakes with 5 different syrups to dip them in. And after realizing we would have to wait for a table, and then pondering if it was worth waiting for a table (yes it was pancakes and different syrups are always worth the wait.) We decided to stick around and stuff ourselves with carby goodness.

Full of starch and fat we headed north to the fairgrounds for some serious fiber shopping. We got there early enough to get parking that was kind of close and paid our 10 buck entrance fee. I was overwhelmed by what I saw, this was my first fiber fair ever and OH MY GOD it was just sensory over load, best told in a picture post.

First stop was the fleece sale and even though most of the good fleeces had been sold I bought myself a lovely Romney (long wool, good crimp, white)
The lady in charge was marking down the cormo's that were left and I so wanted one, but even at sale prices it was just too rich for my blood.

We walked up and down the barns picking and buying what interested us. Mollie was far more reserved the I was and well, its good to have a person who will whisper in your ear, "do you really need two whole fleeces?"

We saw lots of animals and I had to keep stopping myself from buying one of these adorable angora bunnies. They shed a bit too much and I don't know how princess puppy Dessie would deal with another animal fighting for my love.
I saw lots of sheep and alpacas
This guy kissed me while I was trying to take his picture. His tongue was slimy and his breath was deadly
This gal had just received a haircut and I'm sure she wasn't too happy that I took a nudie shot of her.
This one was getting a haircut and complaining to the stylist the entire time
This sheep was in blackface, I asked Mollie if she was offended and she said I "should stop being cute"
Rams doing what all men do on Sunday, lay around the pen
After all this shopping and animal petting I was famished, I saw the Artichoke French stand and squealed with delight. Mollie was no way no how going to stand in line with me so she perused the food building, bought wine, got lunch and came back for me before I was even served
But they are so worth the weight/wait (haha)
In our hasty planning we totally missed Building A which housed all the bestest stuff. Live and learn as they say.
We packed up the car and headed home, tired, sun-kissed and broke

Here's my total haul
If you click this link you can see the flickr page which has notes on everything

It was a good weekend with plenty of purchases and good company.


Necia said...

Maybe it's a good thing you missed Building A. I had spent more than half of my budget in Building A, and within 10 minutes tops. And, now I'm seriously considering this dang yarn crawl you posted on Rav.

Necia said...

What Necia said. and then some. Building A is a dangerous place (as is Building E, which is where all the evil foodstuffs are). Nice haul! I hope we get to meet one of these days.

Harlem Purl said...

Looks like a good haul there.Ditto what Necia said. I bought my wheel in building A so you can just imagine how much money I spent there (and it was worth every penny).

I contemplated the artichoke line but we ended up standing on the chicken pot pie line which was just as long (and worth every second).