Thursday, November 1, 2007

Buying Impulses

I can't control myself, I see pictures of lovely yarn and beautiful fiber on the Internet and I lose control of my fingertips. In the past few days I have made three different purchases from etsy shops and then on a whim I googled Cormo fleece....Big mistake.

I kept hearing about how soft Cormo fleece was and to be honest I've spun a bit from wool top but never dealt with the fleece itself. And I know you're probably thinking, "Tanya didn't you just buy a fleece at rhinebeck?!" And well I did, but I wanted to buy two fleeces, but having a practical friend with me (who not so gently reminded me that if I blew all my money at the first stop I wasn't allowed to purchase shiny pretty, woolly things at all the other stores) prevented me from buying two fleeces. I took home the Romney, but I wanted a Cormo. I still have a Border Leicester on the terrace and the Romney is keeping it company and now in the mail I have a Cormo coming to make it a threesome. It was a good deal actually a 2lb hogget (baby sheep)fleece, covered part year, skirted, with a 3.5 inch staple classified as "fine fine crimp." I understand that Cormo usually has a 4 inch staple length, but the shorter length means I can run it through the carder instead of combing it all by hand. I'm excited to play with it and if I have leftovers I may dye up some locks and list them on the etsy.

Speaking of the etsy I listed a few more things today, one new listing is already sold. The dyed silk hankies I had mentioned in the previous post, here they are in all their glory
"Sangria" Hankies 1oz


Then I dyed up another sock yarn (okay I didn't dye this up last night, I dyed it up a few days ago, but I just listed it)
"RenFair" 340 yards fingering superwash merino sock yarn


I absolutely promise to post those tutorials for dying and fleece washing next week. I am taking all my supplies to my fathers house in CT this weekend where I will be a prepping and dying machine. If you have any pictures that remind you of fall please send them my way I am looking for inspiration for new colorways.


Harlem Purl said...

Mmmmmm, Cormo. I've never tried cormo but I think the hype is getting to me. I've got about 4lbs of cheviot fleece to process so I can't justify buying any other fleeces right now. If you wanna swap an ounce let me know, I'll even throw in a set of stitch markers (yes, I would stoop so low as to bribe for wool:-)

I have a fall picture in my flickr that may inspire you. It was taken during Rhinebeck weekend.

Necia said...

Now, I'm the jealous one! I love me some cormo. I spun up the sweetest roving last night, and I'm thinking, where can I get like 3lbs of this stuff for cheap. A fleece would be the way to go, but I need to see if I even like processing it. We should totally have a fleece party at my house, lawd knows its already a hot mess, what's a little more sheepy goodness?


yvette said...

I just posted some autumn colour photos if you want to take a look.