Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy Friday

I need this weekend. I had to take the day off work yesterday due to some shellfish finding its way into my chicken piccatta. I spent the morning in the hospital getting holes pocked in my arms for IV's cortisone and some new blood. (I now officially have someone else's plasma flowing through my veins and it kind of creeps me out.) I woke up at 6AM yesterday unable to breathe and when I made my way into the bathroom a balloon from the thanksgiving day parade was staring back at me. Out of the hospital at 12PM they gave me strict orders to remain in a seated position for the rest of the day (something about lying down and airway blockage) so I did what any hyper obsessed fiber artist does. I spun. I dove into the stash monster and pulled out some roving. Spunky Eclectic FOTM from September in the Aspen Colorway
50/50 Superwash Merino Tencel
2 oz
26wpi (laceweight)
300 Yards

Then when that was done I picked up some yarn I had spun from locks bought from Aspenmoonarts on etsy.
This started out as like so
3.7oz of Merino Corriedale mixed locks
I washed them using my handy dandy small batch technique and then combed them out using my indigo hound double pitch combs that were purchased at rhinebeck. The final combing resulted in about 2.2 oz of usable roving, the rest was sent through the carder to make the Sea Glass batts for sale in my etsy.

Then I spun two bobbins of worsted technique laceweight yarn and plied them together to make 220 yards of fingering weight.
Which is slowly becoming a Branching Out for my mom's Birthday next week

Speaking of my mom, she's now officially a star. Through some very random turn of events she now stars in her own commercial. Click here to watch her, I honestly can't get through the thing without dying of laughter and calling her up to scream 'Tender to the Touch" over and over again but that may be because I'm immature and she's my mom. On a side note my mother really does have Fibromyalgia and I'm glad that she can help get the message out about this strange disease.


Trifarina said...

Oh wow, that branching out is amazing! And what a worthy recipient. I have actually seen those commercials but figured it was some actor with no idea what they were talking about. That's really thoughtful that the advertisers found someone who really understands to be in the ad. Your Mom is famous!!!!

Laura said...

My Father has Fibro and mom and I have seen the commercial - we love your mom!Shes beautiful and really helping to get more people information and treatment. My Father faces the problem that so many people even doctors dont believe it's a real disease. I hope your mother has had better luck!