Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Here's the Thrummed mittens I had posted about in all their finished glory!

Pattern: Thrummed Mittens by Knitfreak
Yarn: Handspun 70% Coopworth 30% Silk spun from 3.4 oz batts sold by AspenMoonArts on Etsy, I think I may still have enough yarn to make a matching hat but I don't think the yarn is good hat yarn.
Thrums: Mill Ends from the sheep shed dyed with Brazilwood
Without flash
With Flash
Thrum side out
This was a great pattern for tiny hands like mine. I must say it was a daunting first steeking experience. The pattern has you pick up stitches on alternating rows and then cut the row in the middle with no reinforcement what so every. My first steek was a bit clumsy and I had to sew up the ends with some leftover yarn but my second steek was very pretty. It is nerve racking cutting into your knitting but I think this was good practice for what I'm going to have to do to the Kauni when I'm done. The thrums are super soft and squishy and I know these are going to be warm mittens, they feel like UGG boots for the hands. This was a quick knit probably taking only 6 hours knitting time total and I knocked them out during a wine and turkey induced haze from thanksgiving.


Necia said...

Cute mittens! I had this pattern in my Q, until I read about you steeking. No thank you, I'm so not ready for that. However, it is a good project to try it on when I'm ready. In the meanwhile I will make IW Thrummed mittens. You do have tiny hands! Must be nice!


ellen in minnetonka said...

Hey, I love the raw energy of your posts and I love the thrummed mittens. I have yet to brave steeking without backup machine sewing - this pattern could be just the intro I need. From a fellow corporate drone...b. regds.