Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Freaking Tired

I swear I can't keep my eyes open today. I'm sitting at my desk trying to figure out how to crawl into the space underneath and nap a la George Costanza. Mollie had a terrible week last week and called to tell me that one of her room-mates made a racial slur about her brother. I love Mollie like a sister, and even though she is very light-skinnded (as she likes to say) she is still half black and any comments about African Americans strike her deep because she knows that most people can't tell she's a minority from the surface. Well you best believe that when she told me this girl called her brother a "half-breed" I was in the car with my war paint on in 2.5 seconds. No one insults my girl like that and damn if I can't help her get through this. I've been having her sleep over until the room-mate leaves and well lets just say angry friends and too much wine don't make for a restful night.

Rob came to get the last of his stuff this weekend and though my heart is heavy its really for the best. There is something so sad about seeing physical holes in your bookshelf and realizing that they are a poignant metaphor for the holes in your life.

On the craftin front I have some spinnies from last week
"Butter Nut Squash"
110 yards
1.7 oz
fingering weight
70% Coopworth
30% silk

"Lady of the Lake"
74 yards
bulky novelty yarn with slubs and beads core spun around cotton thread
mohair and corriedale
Lady of the Lake is available at my etsy

I also finished my Blythe/Pullip swap package and sent it out. My partner received so I'll post what she got
This hand sewn jumper with a snap clasp in the back
These hat sets
The purple hat came with a wrap around shrug and the white had came with a drop stitch scarf. I think I may offer the white hat set at my etsy because its an excellent use of left over yarn and the pattern is 100% original.

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Harlem Purl said...

Those big headed dolls scare me.

Kewl handspun.