Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hiya Chuck!

I love that line, I love all things peanuts and proudly declare my love in printed tee-shirts and pajama pants. Nothing pleases me more then curling up on the sofa with Dessie-pup a hot cup of tea and a Charlie Brown holiday special, last night was no exception. Though I have seen all the holiday specials more times then I can count, and can repeat the lines word for word before the characters say them I still find great joy in their simplicity and honesty.

Last night my knitting group tried a new location. We abandoned the Beechwood Cafe (too many snotty attitudes and the kitchen closes before a normal 5 year old's bed time) and ventured into the wild of Jersey City. We settled on the Brownstone Diner and though it wasn't as "roomy" as the Beechwood there was real food, light and blessed silence. I'm not sure this will be a permanent locale but it was a nice change of pace and I had a good dinner.

I took my Mystic Water stole with me, and I must admit I'm terribly behind in this endeavor. There are people out there who jump on the clues and finish in a day or so, but I'm lagging back on row 61 and no where near where I "should" be. I blame this on my yarn. Its Valley alpaca silk and its lovely but fuzzy and the plies keep splitting apart making what should be a straightforward lace project aggravating and slightly stabby making. Still I plug along, I should also not that I am way way way behind on the Nautical Knitter stole as well so I'm going to need to find some serious lace knitting time. On a side note, bringing a lace project to knit night is not really the best idea, I feel so consumed that I couldn't really enjoy myself like I should have, next time I'll bring the garter stitch jacket I'm working on, nice and mindless so I can talk and maybe even order an adult beverage *gasp!!!!*

I got home last night and though I should work on the Kauni (its been sitting there way too long) I cast on for yet another project. I have about 220 yards of DK handspun from my October Spin Along on Ravelry and I've been coveting thrummed mittens, I figured I have Ugg boots for my feet so I should have "ugg" mittens for my hands. I cast on from this pattern with this yarn
and some mill ends roving I dyed up with Brazil wood awhile ago. The effect is nice the yellow/green yarn seems to go well with the pale pink/peach of the roving and I will post pics as soon as the first one is finished.

In other knitting news I finally Cast Off the baby sweater I knit for Nicollette's baby
Its from this pattern, but I decided to knit it up in Berrocco Foliage yarn (which is bulky thick and thin) and not change colors because the yarn is variegated. I have one skein of the yarn left and I am trying to figure out if I should knit a hat for the baby or a hat for her older son. I don't think I have enough yarn for both but maybe I can blend it with something I already have in the stash monster.

I also listed a new item on my Etsy Store
Hand dyed washed alpaca fleece in "Dusty Rose"
Isn't it lovely, I love this alpaca (I have like 10 lbs in the stash monster) its soft and clean and with a little combing or carding it spins up so well. I like to wash my alpaca before I spin it because all the dust and VM makes me a bit ill but I know there are people out there who like to spin without really cleaning or prepping first. As they say to each their own

In Craftster news I'm organizing a handspun art yarn swap so if your a member and want to join up click here.

As they say in Kindergarten "gobble gobble happy turkey day!" (which doesn't make sense because I don't think the turkey is very happy)

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