Monday, November 19, 2007

Three Day Week

It's been awhile and you all should scold me for being so neglectful but I have updates and I promise at least one pic this week.

I sat down on Saturday with a bag full of washed and dyed Merino/Corriedale locks, and my Indigo Hound double pitch combs and combed away. 4 hours later I sat with a basket full of top and a bag full of short fibers that are begging to be run through the drum carder. I worked at my Majacraft little Gem and began spinning what will probably become lace-weight 2ply. I've been working in lots of blues lately (my fav color) and this is no exception, its a little more sea foam then blue but its nice and heathered from the combing process. I've grown to appreciate the combs, they are not as easy to use as the drum carder but they are much easier to use then the hand cards. I've also started creating Diz's in all different sized because pulling roving is so much fun and very stress relieving.

I was able to finally enjoy a quiet weekend. After all the insanity that has been going on in my personal life it was a true joy to just sit quietly in my new home feeling comfy and warm. There is something to be said to peace of mind and quiet time to ponder one's thoughts.

I enjoyed a nice walk Saturday with puppy-girl and after we played in the dog run (haha I just typed god run) I stooped by the farmers market that sets up shop in Van Vorst Park and bought some squash and fruit. I do like the farmers market and I will miss it during the winter months.

This is a three day work week for me so I'll be enjoying an 5 day weekend!! I'll also be answering all my families pressing questions about the state of my love life. I can't wait!!