Monday, November 26, 2007

Family Overload

This past weekend (and by weekend I mean Wednesday - Sunday) I spent more time re-countimg the reasons Rob and I were no longer together then eating turkey, watching football and sleeping combined. I can tell the story backwards and forwards in my sleep and as far as my family is concerned I will never produce children for them to dote on (not that I intended on producing children in the first place but I digress.)

Late Wednesday night I picked up my sister and drove out to CT where we would stop for the night before continuing the drive up to Bahhhh-ston. My family is not from Boston, we are true blue born and bred New Yorkers. My Grandparents were born in NYC as were my parents and me but my Uncle's family lives in Boston and they have the biggest house so each year we pile into the cars and travel 6+ hours to eat turkey and say "wicked cool" or "go Sox!!" (I'll never willingly say the second one as long as I live.)

I knitted to stay sane and finished the thrummed mittens. They are quite cute and still blocking (stupid wool won't dry) so no pics yet. They were a great quick and easy project and it was my first steeking experience. I must say there is no greater rush/revulsion at cutting up your knitting. The pattern is a bit precarious because instead of giving you a steeking area you pick up stitches on two rows and then cut the row in between, which gives you an entire steeking area of 1 row!! I'm quite thankful I used handspun made of coopworth/silk blend. Coopworth is a sticky wool and better for steeking then superwash or even merino would be.

I got home Saturday night and was wired from the weekends activities. I knitted the Kauni which I'm proud to say I still haven't abandoned. I cast on the extra stitched for the arm holes last night so I'd say I'm almost 60% done with it. I worry about the yarn being so damn itchy because the last thing I need is another itchy sweater.

I finished spinning the corriedale merino locks I bought on Etsy. They needed a good washing and combing but spinning combed wool was nice and easy. I have about 210 yards of fingering yarn and I'm thinking a lace scarflette for my mothers birthday in two weeks. Any suggestions for a good pattern?

I received some wonderful craftster swap packages this weekend. First from Ilovemystarbursts in the Blythe Pullip Swap I received these great Jeans for my girls
and from Mandalinn I received all these goodies (she really out did herself I feel like my package was not even close to what it should have been)

On the Etsy front I combed up some batts this weekend and they are listed for sale
Mermaids Tail - Merino/Alpaca with gold glitz 3.7oz
Sea Glass - Merino, Angora, Bamboo, Wool Top, Corriedale and white gold glitz 3.4oz

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Necia said...

Wow, you've been busy. You got some nice packages. My family is the same way, too meddlesome, but I do know they care. Hope to see you soon!