Monday, December 3, 2007

Still Recuperating

Oh my aching weekend. Instead of taking it easy (as per my doctors orders) I got it in my head that it would be a good idea to go out with some friends to enjoy my single status. Well cut to my stumbling into a cab at 5AM (yes 5AM, I thought I was still 21 at the time) I can't even remember most of what transpired during the night though I do remember asking a bouncer to carry me to the bathroom because I was tiny and people weren't moving out of my way (the funny thing is he obliged and wow do I feel like an ass about it.)

Its Monday morning and I think I'm still hungover, somewhere during the night I switched from my usual single malt scotch on the rocks to beer and then to tequila, (my tummy hurts just thinking about it.) I also remembered why its a good idea to eat dinner before one goes out drinking.

Enough of my crazy life, I'm checking myself into a convent on the way home, no more shenanigans for me, I'm too used to living like a married lady to really enjoy the single in the city life I used to lead.

On the fiber front I have another FO, with a sad after thought about how I lost one of my wonderful mittens during drunken debauchery. That's the bad thing about knitted items they should never leave the house because I will loose them, (drunk or not.) Hopefully my friend will find it at his apartment or Mollie will find it in her pocket, those are the only two places I haven't been able to look.

Pattern: Branching Out from Knitty
Yarn: Handspun Cormo from locks sold by AspenMoonArts on Etsy. I rewashed and combed these out spinning a light fingering 2ply yarn.
And Modeled by Dessie (who hates when I dress her up in my knitting)

It snowed yesterday, the first snow of the season, I think we got almost an inch and I forgot how clean everything looks after the first snow fall, white and crisp.
Here's some shots from my terrace cause I was too hung over to go out to get some real pics
(See even Jersey can look nice in the snow)
Accumulation on my terrace.

I'm off to finish working, which is what I should be doing while I'm posting this, but I won't tell if you don't : )


Necia said...

Oh Stickyfingers. You sent me down memory lane. Those were the good ole days. You should've called me, I would've went with you. Then, the boucer could've carried your little self and my big self. Rofl. In other news, your Branching Out looks fabulous. I know your mom will love it. The commercial with your mom came on the other day, and I told my son, that's my friend mom, and he was like how she get on tv? When his dad came on, he told his father about her too!


Windyridge said...

What a lovely scarf and your model is so cute. I would love to respond on the Crafters forum but I cannot figure out where the reply function is. Can you please help?