Monday, December 17, 2007

FO x 2 and Other Weekend Goodness

I knit like a mad woman this weekend. Working on multiple projects and dying up goodies for the shop. Friday night I stayed up until 2AM just working away sipping a good glass of Cabernet and watching all my DVR shows from the week. My hard work was rewarded with not one but TWO FO's to share.

The first was the Scarf for Jon. I worked this entire scarf up in three evening spending about 1/2 - 1 hr each night. Its a bit short (my stupidity in thinking a 6'1" man needs a scarf the same length that I a 5'2" girl would wear) but the colors are nice and the yarn is soft and squishy.

Pattern: Made up by me using a stitch pattern in Vogue Stitchionary Vol 1
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky in Taupe 3 skeins 213 yards
Notes: I goofed a bit on the garter stitch edge on a couple of rows carrying the pattern all the way over, but its not noticeable unless your a knitter or incredibly astute. I love this yarn its all kind of goodness all wrapped up in a machine washable package. I will definitely use this yarn again and the pattern is a nice quick knit done in chunky yarn with US10 needles. Both the "right" side (bottom area) and the "wrong" side (top area) make for an interesting pattern so it will be a scarf that can be worn either way

I rushed to get this scarf done because Jon was coming over to help me set up my tree. I realized that without the help of someone larger then me I would have to get a tiny tree, and I've had tiny trees in the past but this year I wanted a real tree. We drove out to 440 farms and after a few mishaps involving tying the tree to the car and then having to cut off bottom branches this is what I got
Yes the tree is next to my majacraft little gem
lights on with flash
Lights off without flash (very blurry but you get the idea)
I'm happy with the tree, I need to go buy a tree topper I think I'll get a star cause I don't like the idea of an Angel with a pine tree up it's butt.

Jon wanted to see the scarf so I gave it to him and he loved it, but he wants me to wrap it up and give it like a real present so he left it at my house. He helped my bake shortbread cookies and wow they are yum, but very very very fattening (2 1/2 sticks of butter!) so I brought a tray into work today. I figured my co-workers will get fat but love me for it.

The second FO was cast on Friday and finished last night.
Pattern: truffle clutch from Yarn magazine online.
Yarn: Patons Classic Merino Vanilla and mystery cotton from when I used to shop at the Yarn Co (I hate to even suggest I patronized those bitches)
I didn't follow the pattern for the lining instead I used fusible interface and ironed on some cotton fabric, the interface really helps the bag keep it's shape
I used a small snap as the closure and sewed a bead on top to make it more pleasing to the eye
Here it is blocking out. You can see that the sides are a bit wonky but I was able to fix that when I sewed the bag together.

After all that crafting I sat down Sunday night with a hot cup of tea and watched the sunset
I listened to the wind howl and rattle the glass in my window panes but I felt good and warm.


Necia said...

Very good post. You was in my neck of the woods when you went to 440 Farms. It's unbelievable, that this weekend 400 didn't see me. I'm so shocked to say the least. Hooray for fo's. I have so many wip's, it'll be a while before I have some fo's.


Jacki said...

Yay for shortbread! ;) I love the scarf you knit - I know I've looked at that stitch pattern before and just kind of went 'meh' at it, but I love the way it looks in a bigger object.