Friday, December 7, 2007

Holiday Knitting

Every good crafter does it, we tell ourselves we will give out handmade presents (or at least stocking stuffers) and then wait until almost the last minute, drive ourselves insane and then fall into a crafting coma. I am no exception to this effect, I realize now its closer to Christmas then not, and Hanukkah is already here. I have the great pleasure of being born of Catholic and Jewish parents which means that I get presents twice in December, but also have to give presents twice in December. I have been up late nights with my pointy sticks and string, and though I'll admit it here, I'll deny in person that I have also broken out the crochet hooks, beads, clay, and felting supplies. Its hard to craft things for everyone, people tend to be picky and many of them don't realize the special qualities of nice handmade gift. Though I have not taken the "buy handmade pledge" touted by etsy (I mean c'mon I'm not going to find anything for my picky, crabby father on etsy he needs like tools or a good smack in the back of the head for the holidays) I am trying to at least buy stocking stuffers from etsy shops.

Here's what I have pending
-I have like more then 2/3rds of my mothers Juno to knit.
-My sister is a fashionista and I can't figure out what I'm going to make her, for the secret santa swap at work
-I'm making knitty's Danica out of patons sws in black gray and white (nice and gender neutral because I don't know if my present will be picked by a man or woman)
-Laura at work is getting the super secret pattern I'm working on.
-Both grandma's will be very angry if they don't get something made of wool.
-Jane is coming into the city this weekend and I have no present for her as of yet (hello late night knitting!)
-And there's a guy who I'm seeing who I promised a scarf to only after he begged me (I know knitting for guys = bad luck, but hey if its not gonna work its not gonna work no matter how long you hold off knitting for them)
-Mollie wants a Pullip doll and I'll probably cave in and get her one, but she's a beginning knitter and I think I'll spin her some mollie-tastic yarn to play with.
-I still have Rob's socks on the needles and even though we're not together anymore I think I'll give them to him, they are way way way too big for my teensy size 6 feet.

In addition to all that I need to make tiny things to give out to unexpected people, I don't know who I'm spending Christmas with but my family is large and I'll forget someone and then run around the house like a chicken whose head has been cut off looking for something I can quickly wrap and won't miss too much.

Even though I'm under all this pressure I managed to dye up some new yarns. I'm now offering Super Fat Sock yarn which is a sport weight yarn good for house socks or boot socks have a looksie at what I did
Ripe Banana
210 Yards Sport weight
100% Superwash Merino

Super Sock
340 yards fingering weight
100% superwash merino
As always they are available on my etsy.

Do you have a ton of holiday knitting? Commiserate with me in the comments. I'll have interesting notes on my weekend adventures.

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Necia said...

I'm not doing NO holiday knitting, but then again I'm a SELFISH knitter. Yep, you heard it straight from my mouth. Your sock yarns are kcute. When I'm feeling the sock knitting love again I'll support your shop.