Monday, December 24, 2007

FO for the Holidays

I needed a hat, a nice hat, a white hat to match my camel coat. I dug into the stash monster and found a half used ball of Patons Classic Merino (not the best yarn but a good bargain for the price) and found my IK holiday issue. I had been eyeing the Koolhaus hat, and even though everyone else is knitting it I found myself following the pack.
Pattern: Koolhaus from IK Holiday Knits
Yarn: Patons Classic Merino
Notes: Um this pattern with all the friggin cable stitches drove me insane. What should have been a 2 hour knit took me three days cause my hands would start to cramp and I would get frustrated. I love, love, love the finished product but wow what an effort. I made a few modifications. I did an extra repeat (I'm not so good at reading patterns) and so to compensate I blocked the hat with a fold at the ribbing, which I like better then the beanie style. This hat is wonderful, exactly what I was going for (which doesn't happen often) and I'm going to wear it until it falls apart. White goes with everything you know.

On a side note I finally got around to taking a picture of the Lacey Coquette Tube Top from fitted knits(a bad pic but still a pic.) I knit this in brown sheep cotton fleece and though it looks good here this top stretches to a huge size during the day. Here's the pic and look at all the attitude I'm giving, Tyra would be proud.


Adrienne said...

Love your hat AND your Tyra pose! LOL, had to laugh at that one. Merry Christmas!

Necia said...

On the realz, both fo's look hawt to death! The white cmakes the cables pop. I like your version better with the folded edge, I think that's more suited for anybody with hair. I may follow your lead. Your cami is so cute, too bad it stretches. Is there anything you can do, to combat that? As it's really a gawjus top.


Jacki said...

The hat is great, and the tube top is amazing! I need to find the attention span to knit a bigger project than socks and hats...