Monday, December 10, 2007

Cleaning Out My Closets

I have an FO, of course it's not any of the projects I listed in my last post (that would be too logical.) I was cleaning out my crafting closet, I must decrease my stash monster before the new year and I really have taken on too many hobbies that I don't actively participate in anymore, when I came across my fingerless gloves from One Skein. I started knitting these all the way back in march and I have been like 10 rows shy of finishing them for the longest time. I sat down at the boob tube (the pattern is simple garter stitch in a small gauge but easy enough for tv knitting) and cranked them out in less then an episode of Degrassi High (a guilty mindless pleasure of mine) which was being shown as part of a 24 hour marathon!

Here they are, bad pictures abound because I have no one to help me photograph and taking pictures of your own hands can be precarious.
Pattern: Fingerless Garter Mitts from One Skein
Yarn: Hand spun hand dyed silk yarn from my first foray into spinning silk hankies, 200 yards (give or take a yard or 10) of fingering weight 2 ply.
Needles: US1
Notes: Ran out of yarn for the second mitt so it's a bit tighter then the first, but my hands are two different sizes and I was able to block out the difference. This is one of the few patterns I've knit from the book, I bought it expecting more but it has good potential for dealing with those lonely skeins of handspun I have lying around. I really can't figure out if I'll ever wear these, it seemed like a good idea at the time but now I dunno, I can't wear them to the office and I'm not sure how effective they would be on a night out.

On to the pics

On the creepy doll front, I received my package from Carrieme for the craftster Blythe Holiday swap and she sent me the most amazing package. Have a look (if the dolls don't give you nightmares, I find them charming)
The loot
The girls in their new Pj's testing out their new lounge chairs
Thanks carrieme you're the best!

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Harlem Purl said...

Sorry I had to skip the big headed creepy doll pictures. I dont' knwo but it's somethign about their eyes that gives me goosebumps.

Anyway, I'm mad I missed the Degrassi marathon. I haven't had a chance to catch the new season. The last episode I saw was when JT died.

I like those mitts especially in that seafoam color.