Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Long Weekend

I spun up some more superwash from the sheep shed to finish my clapotis and I realize I'm still about 50 yards short. Oh well, back to the spinning wheel, I really want to finish this project already, of course it's now 90 degrees out and I probably won't be able to make use of it until the fall months roll around, but it was a quick knit and fairly mindless.

I did some wet felting this weekend. It's fun, messy and soapy but fun and good for getting frustration out. It was my first time trying a flat wet felted piece and though I don't think it will become my craft of choice I had a good time.

I'm going to lose weight. I've told myself that many many many many times before but I mean it this time. I bought the "volumetrics" weight loss book and I have the newer one in the mail. I've tried WW before and though I had success in the past it just doesn't seem to work for me any more. My only issue is that the author doesn't reccomend going below 1400 cal a day, I'm a teensy beanser (5'1") and I don't think I'll loose much weight if I eat 1400 a day. I will work out as much as possible and I will be earnest with myself, starting by posting my current weight. I'm 136, I tell everyone I'm 125 and they believe me, but I'm not and I have to face the fact that for my height I'm officially overweight. I will post my weight each Tuesday and I will let you know how this works out.

I handcarded some batts this weekend, about 3 oz of pink, blue, yellow, brown, and green firestar. The finished result is a sparkly peach with flecks of the other colors through out. I can't wait to see how it spins up.

I finished my last mini skien for the H&H3 swap and I will tkae my pics and package it up tonight. I can't wait to see if my partner likes it or not.

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