Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Current Projects (With Notes)

Here's the Star baby blanket, I have no idea what I'm doing wrong but if you look close you can see the points are curving to one side:
I'm using Caron's Simply Soft in "Bone" and "Country Blue." I hate this yarn, it feels like sticky plastic and even Rob touched the blanket and said "this feels dry" I really hate acrylic but cheap acrylic is the worst. I'm only using this because it's for a baby and babies are messy so this blanket will have to be cleaned a lot. Also when crocheting I try to use cheaper yarn since crochet uses like 3 times the yarn of knitting and something tiny, even for a baby could wind up costing me a ton of moolah.

Here's the clapotis:
For this project I used some hand spun I made from hand painted superwash from the Sheep Shed Studio. I'm so glad I ordered so much wool because I'm about 2/3rds done and I ran out of yarn. Now I have to figure out how thin I spun the singles and spin up some more. The yarn was Navajo plied so I have to spin about 3 times as much as I'm going to need so after plying I have enough. Gah I feel like I'm in over my head. On a side note I love how the subtle color changes in the roving came out and knitted up I'm so glad there was no pooling of the colors in the center of the shawl. I did 2 less increases in the first section, and depending on how much I can spin I may have to do 2 less rows of the middle section. We'll see how it comes out. This will be my first large project I've made with my handspun and so far I'm happy with the way it came out.

Here's the Josephine I'm knitting:
This is also acrylic, but it's not as offensive to me as the Caron's. It seems there's a few errors in the pattern and the website has not yet posted any errata so those of us in the knitalong are flying by the seat of our pants trying to wing it to complete this pattern. I do love the final pictures and I hope mine will turn out okay. I'm going to really have to tug the stitches to even everything out since blocking acrylic is impossible. This is why I added an extra row of knit stitches at the bottom. I would hate to have a curly FO.

Here's that tea cozy I crocheted up for Rob's mom:
It's a pattern of my own design. I may post the pattern later on. It's made with peaches & cream yarn and crocheted with an H hook. Don't let my craftster buddies find out I made a tea cozy. There's no irony to it!!

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