Monday, June 25, 2007

I need a vacation from my weekend!

It was a long week at work, there is much to do, and still more has been done. Sometimes I need my weekends to be a quiet oasis from my daily routine. It's gotten so bad that my mind won't shut-up and I lie in bed praying that I will get sick of thinking so much and finally sleep.

Rob and I were supposed to go out to the lake house on Friday night to set up for Jake's impending party. Six people all under the age of twenty two would be descending on the house ready for booze, music and food. It was my job to cook for the weekend and seeing as most of the visitors would be boys I knew I had my job cut out for me. Cooking and cleaning can be relaxing, but doing so in a harried fury leads only to stress and headaches.

We took them to the waterfall for a hike and sitting under the rushing cold pressure of the bottom fall was enough to release the kinks in my jaw from grinding my teeth to release some tension.

I managed to get a bit of crafting done. Namely I finished the lace weight on the bobbin. I let it soak too long (overnight) and then dry in the sun, this causing some discoloration, but the final yarn is lovely and delicate. Its a bit overspun, but when it knits up I think it will work itself out.
Its about 300 yards of lace weight 22 wpi, mohair, wool top, green firestar, and tencel. I'm calling it "Plastic Flamingos" because the original color was like those plastic lawn flamingos that people use to "decorate" their yards.

I also spun up about 1oz more of the colorway for my clapotis. I want this project to be done already. I'm kind of sick of spinning this color into navajo ply ww. I just want my wrap to be finished so I can figure out what to do with the rest of the roving.

I also cast off the back of Josephine
I'm about 2 repeats into the front and the colors are different. I'm hoping that once I seam it together it won't be so drastic. I'm also hoping I have enough yarn to finish this damn thing. The yarn req's were way off for this pattern. I also don't like the random decreases and lack of clear instructions for the body. I will post all my notes when I'm done with the project.

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