Friday, February 22, 2008

Woolly Wonders

First the FO I've been keeping you waiting on
Pattern: Urchin
Yarn: Handspun from KnittyDirtyGirl received in a swap
Needles: US 10
Notes: I made the large size to use up most of the yarn but I probably should have made the medium since the FO is slightly too big for my noggin. This is a great one skein project and it really shows off the wonderful qualities of handspun yarn
Sorry for the wonky pic, it's hard trying to photograph the back of your own head.

I then used the left overs to knit one for one of my Blythe Dolls (warning creepy doll pic ahead) I also changed her eye chips so no more pink or orange eyes.

Then I broke out the loom (I'm loving weaving its so nice to do in front of the TV cause it doesn't require half the attention knitting does.) I searched through the stash monster and came up with two balls of Ella Rae Classic wool. I warped for a plaid weave, I'm kind of making shit up as I go along, I'm not sure if I'm doing anything "right" but I am having fun and that's what counts!
It has tons of errors but it was a good learning experience and I think I got a pretty cute pillow out of it
Please note that the weave isn't lumpy the pillow is. I didn't have a pillow form so I just stuffed the pillow cover full of poly fill.

Since the wheel's still broken I haven't been able to spin, but I have been carding like a mad woman. I even broke out the spindle but I remembered how damn long it takes to spindle yarn. I'm still spindling but I'll probably be done with the yarn next May.
Here's some pretty batts to distract you. (Psst, I hear they're for sale at the etsy but don't tell anyone, I wouldn't want a stampede....)
Wool Top and Cotswold Locks
BFL & Soy Silk
Cotton, Bamboo, Wool Top, Mohair and Soy Silk

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