Thursday, February 7, 2008

No Excuses About It!

Here's the FO I mentioned earlier in the week. I sat down in front of Law & Order last night (that show has gotten so much better since they brought in Jeremy Sisto, whom I have a major crush on, its good TV again) and wove in the ends to this sweater. I am proud of this because it's the first "sweater" project I've finished, it's not a shrug, it has full sleeves, and it isn't cropped so there for it's the first "sweater." I never finish large objects and this one took me less then a month so color me impressed.

Pattern: Excuses from Magknits December 2007
Yarn: Ella Rae Classic (bought on sale for 2.99 a skein) 3 skiens and a mystery ladder yarn of DK weight less then 1/2 skein.
Needles: US 7 for body and US 9 for trim
Notes: The pattern gives directions for eyelets and a tie to be woven through the band under the chest, but I left those extras off because I thought it would be too busy and I'm not using the sari ribbon yarn which makes more sense as a tie. I knit the small size and used considerably less yarn then called for, I now have two lonley skeins of this yarn to add to the stash monster, so all things considered at 2.99 a ball this sweater cost me 9 bucks plus shipping! I love this FO and wore it to work today, where many people complimented it not knowing it was handmade. The seamless raglan construction is brilliant.
Copy of P1010008-1
Dessie for some reason likes to be in these type of shots (I swear I don't do this on purpose)
I'm posting this even though my butt looks lumpy (I assure you it isn't....Well maybe just a little.)
My moody shot, okay I'll be honest I had a brain fart and forgot not to take a picture with light behind the subject.

And I added a new Combed top to the etsy it's an 85/15 Wool/Mohair blend with a killer black stripe running through it. Check out the first colorway "Acid Trip"

Spell check still isn't working, I'm going to buy a dictionary on the way home!


Monika said...

Your sweater fits you perfectly! Very well knit as well. There are wonderful fiber finds on etsy. I have to ban myself from there! Yeah, I've got two dictionaries beside me, but if I don't know I spelled someething wrond, how will I find it in the dictionaries? Spell check should be fixed by now. :o(

Necia said...

Very nice sweater. The fit is great! You sure do knit fast!

Lynda-bob said...

Jeremy Sisto is my celebrity crush, as well. This week's episode was the best yet. I love him. Found your blog because I have a Google email alert for anything Sisto. ;P Very nice sweater btw!


naeby said...

I really love your sweater, you look awesome in it! I am too scared to start a sweater project...

Nikki said...

Oh, I'm so mad at you! That sweater looks better on you than on me! Hahaha, really, it's too flattering on you.