Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Well That Was Interesting

It seems the best way to direct traffic to my site is to insult something openly and with as many curse words as possible. I'm over it, hat attack was like a bad breakup that comes out of nowhere and leaves you feeling more angry then sad. Moving on.

I went to SNB last night at the Merchant and someone was knitting those SNUGGs I've been coveting. What's super awesome is that she's gonna lend me the pattern so I don't have to buy it, because really who just buys a pattern? If I was gonaa buy the pattern I'd buy the kit, and then some yarn to keep it company, and then before you know it the stash monster is larger then ever. I have no FO's today and no pretty pictures, no wait, I'm lying I have some sock yarn to show off.
These are in my "almost solid" series. These yarns are perfect for cable and lace socks because you don't want all your hard work getting lost in lovely colors that distract from the stitch details.
"Eat Your Greens"
"Hearts Aflame"
Copy of P1010011-6
Hearts Aflame was dyed using a shibori method. First I skeined up the yarn, then I tied it off in several locations with a cut up plastic bag to resist the dye. Then the yarn took a trip to the dye pot and soaked up some maroon. Next I lifted the skein out and removed the ties, the yarn then went back in the dye pot in a yellow brown. the result is light shifts in the color that creates a cool illusion but doesn't distract from stitches that deserve the spot light. As usual these can be found on my etsy.

It snowed yesterday, the heavens must have heard my lament about such a snowless winter. Beautful white flakes covered the surfaces of Jersey City making everything look clean and bright. I love how snow reflects the light at night giving everything a dreamy halo and turning the sky lavender. Dessie loves snow too, but hates the rock salt that people use to get rid of snow. It cuts into her little paws and she had a freak out during our walk. I literally had to carry her like a child back to the apartment and then wash her paws because they had started to bleed. There must be something better then rock salt, which aside from hurting dogs, ruins cars and kills trees. I felt so bad for her I cast on a sweater from "Doggy Knits" a book that no one seems to know about. I'll post pics when it's finished which should be tonight. Until then....hat attack can still kiss my ass (I'm over it I swear)

Spell check as usual isn't working, why even have the button anymore? It just tortures me to know that my illiteracy could be fixed with a click but no. I think it's pavlovian at this point that I keep clicking away hoping something will happen even though the better part of me knows nothing will.

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