Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Name That Hat

Here's the deal I created a cabled hat pattern. I want to share it with you all but I have no name for it. I will post some pics below and leave a comment with a suggestions for the pattern name. Please help me my brain has turned to mush and I love this pattern so. If I pick your name you get an acknowledgement and I'll make you a set of some custom stitch markers (who doesn't like free presents!)
The hat in the snow
The hat on my head (I'm watching you...)


Ashley said...

Oooo, thats a pretty hat.

Maybe something along the lines of the Open Celtic Cabled Hat? Boring, yes.

I'm curious, what yarn is that?


Taueret said...

nice hat! I am crap at naming things sorry!

regina.joskow@gmail.com said...

How about "Celtic Vines?"

Mar said...

Love the hat!

Gaelic Flames

Cabled Fire

It also has a bit of a goddess look to it so perhaps something along those lines?

Good luck and I can't wait to see the pattern!