Wednesday, February 6, 2008


There is a crack in my drive wheel of my Little Gem. A crack that runs along the rounded edge, and sadly I think the wheel is past warranty. I can't seem to find replacement drive wheels anywhere, I've looked high and low and even contacted the good folks at Majacraft to see what they suggest. The first suggestion was to use wood glue and C clamps to try and repair the crack. I'm going to give that a go cause honestly, am I gonna break it more? If that doesn't work I'll cry and whine and throw a tantrum (it seemed to get me things when I was a child) and if that doesn't work I'll suck it up and try harder to find a replacement wheel. This hasn't stopped me from spinning and I realize that I've been ignoring Louie the Louet. I may sell him because I don't use him any more and I'm not thinking I will unless the Majacraft is beyond repair. To sooth my mind I dyed some roving
And then I pulled out this kid Mohair
and this Coopworth
and started combing them together using the Indigo hound combs. The staple length is about the same so it's blending nicely. I load the combs in alternating layers then give a light spritz of water and dog conditioner to kill the static and comb three times. Then I pull a nice roving. I started spinning it into a very fine laceweight to make a 2ply for the Flower basket shawl from IK Fall 2004. I know you're probably thinkng that I already have two lace projects I'm ignoring but reasoning falls on deaf ears.
I finished the "Excuses" and I love it. The sweater blocked out beautifully and all I have to do is weave in the ends and take pictures but I'm still not feeling so great and I'm super lazy so that will have to wait for a later time.

I leave you with this pic of me taking out some "broken spinning wheel" agression on old crappy knitting needles.

P.S. Dear blogger,
Fix your stupid effing spellcheck option. I hate when people know I'm less intelligent then I clame claime claim to be!

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Necia said...

Yo seriously you ever thought about hosting a dye party? Ok what about attending one? I'll bring wine? Grey goose? Think about it! Are you going to MD Sheep and Wool?