Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I finished my Drop Stitch Lace Tank from "Fitted Knits" I loved the pattern, the lace section was easy to memoriaze and since I knit it in the round I could work on the train.
Here's a bad cell phone pic, since my camera has died
New Image
I'm wearing it over one of those shelf tank tops (I just couldn't bring myself to wear a bra today)
I made a bunch of mods to this pattern so here are my notes.
- I knit in the round and left off the extra stitches on each end, (I was working with 8 less stitches then the pattern calls for.)
- I knit through the back loop before and after each drop stitch area so the lace would stay tight and the sweater would have less ease.
- I did 2 1/2 rounds of the pattern before the ribbing instead of the 1 1/2 the pattern calls for. I did this because I didn't want the ribbing to hit my hips and accentuate my pooch.
- I coninued the lace pattern on the back for 3 repeats after the ribbing so that the bust area would have a bit more give.
- I did 1/2 extra lace repeat before dividing the from sitches for the neck so that the v would not hit so low on my chest.
- I accidentaly knit the v section backwards after picking up stitches, I like the look so I left it as is.
- I only added 1 button at the top of the sweater so I could wear open, or keyhole, I used a decorative glass button that was a bit big so I bound off two stitches and cast on the same stitches for the next row.

I love this pattern, it's very flattering and its the first sweater I've knit that I will acutally wear.

I cast on for the lace tube top from fitted knits for my next project and I'm holding off on casting on for Coachella until I'm halfway through.

On the spinning front I did my first skein of bamboo last week and I'm in love, it was the first balanced navajo plied yarn I've ever created. I'm slowly chugging away at some sock yarn for the craftster knitting challenge winner. I've never really done real sock yarn so we'll see how this comes out.

I went up to Boston again this weekend and spent some time with the fam. Rob my cuz and I saw the Simpson's movie which is hands down the best movie I've seen in an long long time. I highly reccomend it.

I went yarn shopping with Mollie yesterday at Yarntopia at 108 and Amsterdam avenue. After years of only having The Yarn Co. to shop at it's nice to find a store where the owner isn't a total bitch and the prices are reasonable. This will be a great place for a fix when I just can't wait for the internet to deliver. Mollie told me about another place called Knitty City which I'll have to check out next week. I wish both these places luck and I hope they put those Broadway bitches out of business!

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