Monday, August 6, 2007

Manic Monday

I saw The Police in concert last night at Giants Stadium. It was freaking amazing. Sting is the sexiest skinny old guy I've ever seen and Stuart Copeland looked exuberant like a happy toddler banging on his mothers pots and pans. I've never been to a stadium concert at Giants Stadium before and I was amazed at the tailgating that was taking place before the concert. Tents and barbecues as far as the eye could see were nestled behind cars and surrounded by folks drinking beer in folding directors chairs. The Police didn't let down, they played every hit they ever had and people went insane when they did the big numbers like, Roxanne and Every Little Thing. If I never sing Eoooooo-oooooh again it will be too soon. My voice is shot, and I'm trying to function without it today which has proved difficult thanks to my boss being MIA this morning.

Friday night Rob and I trekked up to PA for a quiet weekend before he left for GA. His family takes A LOT of trips together and I will not be seeing him until next Monday. I'm still not sure how comfortable I am with the closeness of that family, but what do I know I'm the spawn of two of the most dysfunctional people I know (love you mom, love you dad!)

I worked all weekend on the Superlong Wrap from the "Knitting to Go Deck". It has some cute patterns, but they bore the hell out of me. I did this in Cascade 220 and even though I had bought two skeins to finish it with, I cut it off at about 300 yards, (I guess we can call it the "long wrap." It's pink because it's for Mary Alice, Rob's grandma, who just had a mastectomy and is in recovery. This is her second bout with breast cancer and she is now breastless. I figured pink for breast cancer. I hope she likes it.
Here's a close up of the wrong side for the lace pattern (I like the wrong side better)
New Image2
And here it is blocking
New Image

I really dislike knitting with a deadline, I find myself obsessing and fretting that it will not come out right. I also deny myself sleep in favor of finishing said project and that's never good for anyone who lives with me.

I finished Harry Potter and though I'm satisfied with the ending the epilogue felt like fan fiction and I wanted to rip out those last few pages and burn them. This way if I lend the book to anyone they will get the satisfaction of reading a book with a good ending.

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