Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm So Lazy

I don't know how Rob deals with me. My clothes are in piles in chairs and on the floor. The dishes are left in the sink, I drop my things as I see fit, overall I'm a pig. I guess it's lucky I found Rob (being a teacher he has much better hours then I do and is a much neater person) he cleans, and shops and does the things gender roles indicate I should do. What do I do? I spin, I knit, I create and make messes. I can cook and thouroughly enjoy preparing delicious meals for him to consume (he's packed on the pounds since we've moved in together) but that's about it.

I rush home from the office and kiss him hello, wrestle with Dessie-Pup until she is tired then select from my many UFO's a project to work on or a roving to spin. I'm currently working on hand spun socks. I never understood the allure of sock knitting, but seeing how portable it is I can't say I'm not tempted to join the sock knitting cult.

It's been rather cold in NYC the last few days and this has given me ample opportity to rock the latest knitted creations. Yesterday I wore the cropped mini cardi from fitted knits to many a compliment. I must say the sizing was way off on that pattern and though it looks nice unbuttoned I resemble the michellin man busting out of a sweater when I do try to close it. Today I'm wearing my newly finished Jellyfish. I love the brushed suri yarn from Blue Sky Alpaca's even if it sheds worse then my cousin's german shepard. I knitted a medium size because my guage was a bit small, but I think I could have knitted the small size. I may go home a crab stitch around the contrasting color to tighten it up a bit.

We took friends of ours to the lake house in PA this weekend and for lunch on Saturday we drove into Stroudsburg. On the way back we stopped at a farm stand to pick up corn and fruit, and in the meadow beyond the stand were alpacas, grazing and sleeping in the sun. ALPACAS!!!! Being the fiber addict I am I looked for someone to talk to about scoring some fiber, Rob being the understanding enabler that he is pointed out a sign that indicated there was an Alpaca store inside the stand. I searched for someone to open the stand up but no one was around. I called the number numerous times as our friends looked at me like a three headed monster. No luck, Rob promised we would return the next day and further inquire. Sunday we drove out to the stand and as I was peering into the window a man and boy pulled up in an SUV. I aksed if they sold the alpaca fleece and he told me he would and he would discount it from 100 to 80!!! I greedily took him up on his offer and I am now the proud owner of 12 pounds of natural cream colored alpaca fleece from a testy alpaca named Joey Gumbs (lol). I cleaned my first batch of Joey two days ago and YUCK! But if you want some leave a comment and I'll quote you a price. Its so lofty and soft and doesn't smell bad at all.

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