Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Long Weekend

I took Monday off. I needed a day for me. Friday night I caught the train up to Rob's sister's house ans spent the night with her family. Rob and I were awakened at 6AM by Sasha, his 4 y/o niece. Saturday was my cousins' wedding and nothing says awkward like a family reunion with estranged individuals. Much drinking ensued. Late Saturday night we trooped out to the lake house to spend time with Rob's family. His mother proceeded to tell us how she was already planning the next family vacation.

I love Rob's fam, but I must limit my vacations with them to once in a lifetime. His mother is an overbearing, controlling, passive-aggressive child, who's impulse control leaves much to be desired. I come back from these "vacations" stressed, depressed, and damaged, and I find myself wishing I was booking a root canal instead of a flight overseas. I had to put my foot down and removed myself from the conversation. The best part of the "plan" was that this vacation would be during my birthday, thus taking me away from my family so I could sip prosecco and sing Kumbaya with the von-trap family singers. (This statement will be explained)

I took the extra day off to unwind from all the family things. I knit and now I'm like 8 rows shy of casting off. All I need to do is pick up the final stitches and I'll be done. This may be the first project I'll wear!!!

Last night I spun more bamboo, I'm about 2/3rds of the way done with the roving and I think I'm going to navajo ply to take out the extra twist. I spindle spun about 270 yards of thick and thin aran/worsted weight merino and dyed it pink with kool aid. I may make a shrug out of the lot. The next spinning project will be some superbulky for the best friend cardigan from twinkle. I think I'll have to take those hideous bobbles out of the cable pattern, bobbles are just the nipples of knitting, and I don't find them pleasant or flattering.

More ranting on Rob's family to come. I need to vent properly so my head doesn't explode and ruin the office carpeting.

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